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Enabling businesses to improve customer experience, reduce cost and increase the efficiency of delivery operations Best Last Mile Delivery Software And Solutions - Fleetroot

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    A unified platform to help businesses deliver goods efficiently to their consumers


    Pharma Retail

    Medicine order to Delivery, a complete technology suite



    Automate food dispatch and optimize Delivery


    Grocery & eCommerce

    Improve efficiency and seamless delivery operations


    Gifts & Flowers

    Enhance on-time delivery and delight customers



    Manage Complex logistics operations and grow your business.



    Manage agents optimize Delivery to improve profits.

    Are you looking to optimize your delivery operations?


    Experience Seamless Omni channel Order Management

    Effortlessly handle Omni-channel orders across sales channels. Integrate and synchronize the brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, and call centers and provide a consistent and unified order fulfillment experience to your customers.

    Key Features:

    • Streamlined Order Handling: Automate the order management workflow, saving time and eliminating errors.
    • Real-Time Tracking: Monitor order progress with real-time tracking, gaining visibility into status and estimated delivery times.
    • Data-Driven Insights: Leverage actionable insights from order data analytics to identify trends, optimize routes, and enhance operational efficiency.

    Automated Dispatch: Streamline Your Delivery Operations

    Elevate your delivery operations with our powerful Automated Dispatch system. Gain real-time rider tracking, seamless task management, and efficient communication tools for optimized operations.

    Key Features:

    • Rider Tracking: Monitor riders’ locations in real-time, enabling quicker and efficient deliveries based on proximity.
    • Task Management: Seamlessly assign and prioritize tasks with an intuitive dashboard, tracking progress in real-time.
    • Communication Tools: Foster seamless communication between dispatch and riders, ensuring instant updates and order-specific instructions.

    Experience efficient routing with intelligent algorithms, minimizing travel distances, reducing fuel consumption, and enhancing overall delivery efficiency.


    Efficient Rider Operations for Streamlined Delivery

    Optimize your delivery operations with our web-based solution designed to streamline rider efficiency. Say goodbye to manual route planning and hello to cost savings as you enhance the customer experience throughout the entire delivery process.

    Key Features:

    • Intelligent Route Optimization: Automate route planning using our advanced engine, considering factors like traffic, delivery windows, and optimized distances. Ensure efficient and timely deliveries, reducing detours and delays.
    • Fleet Management: Maximize fleet utilization by intelligently assigning deliveries to suitable riders based on proximity, capacity, and availability. Optimize your fleet operations for increased efficiency.
    • Performance Analytics: Gain insights into rider performance with analytics and reporting tools. Track key metrics such as delivery times, completion rates, and customer feedback to identify areas for improvement and drive operational excellence.

    Real-Time Customer Visibility: Enhancing the Delivery Experience

    Enhance customer satisfaction by offering real-time visibility into the entire delivery process. Enable seamless order tracking, timely notifications, and accurate package ETAs, ensuring a seamless and informed customer experience

    Key Features:

    • Order Tracking & Updates: Empower customers with real-time order tracking and updates on status and progress.
    • Proactive Notifications: Engage customers with automated updates at key milestones, including order confirmation and estimated arrival times.
    • Transparent ETAs: Provide accurate delivery ETAs, leveraging real-time data and advanced algorithms for customer expectations.

    Data-Driven Insights: Unleash Delivery Analytics

    Leverage comprehensive analytics to optimize delivery operations, gain valuable insights, improve efficiency, and maximize customer satisfaction. Uncover hidden opportunities, streamline processes, and exceed expectations with data-driven decision-making and revolutionize your delivery operations for excellence

    Key Features:

    • Delivery Analytics: Uncover patterns, trends, and performance metrics for a holistic view of your operations. Identify areas for enhancement.
    • Route Optimization: Optimize delivery routes using historical data and traffic patterns. Reduce travel time and fuel consumption, enhancing fleet efficiency.
    • Performance Metrics: Track key indicators like on-time deliveries and customer feedback. Assess performance and drive continuous improvement.

    Solution Overview


    An app your Riders would love

    Equip your delivery riders network with powerful yet intuitive iOS and Android apps that enable them to receive new delivery requests on the go and complete them efficiently.

    Real-time requests, Delivery Verification, Driver Tracking, Route Optimization, Driver Dashboard.


    Simplifying daily logistics operations

    Manage On-Demand and Quick commerce operations, Manage planned and marketplace deliveries, Intelligent and simple route optimization panel ( Up to 2000 stops)

    Heat maps and delivery analytics, Auto dispatch and workflow management, Customer journey preferences, Communication and webhooks


    Mobile dispatch app to manage deliveries on the go

    Manage deliveries on the go, Manage and communicate with riders on the go.

    Manage delivery deviations on the Go, Intelligent Delivery analytics


    Delight your customers and engage with them in real-time

    Order to delivery visibility for your customers. Engage with your customers with new offers and messages

    Real-time ETA to improve your customer journey, Contactless customer signatures, Change locations on the Go, Communicate with riders over WhatsApp.

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    Create awesome customer experience with real-time delivery visibility

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    All-In-One tool for Optimizing Connected Operations

    Connected Commute

    Enabling transporters to optimize Student commute and Employee transit operations to improve ridership, fleet utilization and passenger safety.

    Connected Operations

    Helping businesses to increase safety, safety, efficiency, and visibility of connected operations

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    Helping every businesses with Tailor-made delivery solution to enhance efficiency and customer experience at scale.

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    Fleetroot Connected logistics is a complete delivery management platform to manage On-Demand, Scheduled deliveries, and all the tools for businesses to scale their delivery operations.

      Why should you choose fleetroot?

      • Get Started in Minutes: Our intuitive onboarding process allows your team to start optimizing daily operations without excessive hand-holding.
      • Simple and Intuitive: A Simple and intuitive UI that has been designed to boost dispatchers’ rider’s productivity and create a wow experience for your customers
      • Transparent pricing: Find the right plan which fits your business needs with zero hidden charges or under-the-belt add-ons.

      Frequently Asked Question

      1. Can fleetroot be integrated with other platforms?

      Yes, Fleetroot connected logistics can be integrated with any other third-party E-commerce or order management systems through API for entire automation or you may use fleetroot intelligent order fulfillment system too. check out with your local service provider to know more about the order fulfillment add-on.

      2. Is it necessary to have a GPS installed for delivery?

      No, it is not necessary to install a GPS device or a black box for optimizing logistics or delivery operations, you may connect your riders through fleetroot Android or IOS apps to perform all the logistics optimization activities and create visibility across resource delivery operations. The advantage of the fleetroot connected logistics module is it is an integrated platform where you could also connect any of the GPS or telematics hardware to increase your connected operations visibility within the same platform.

      3. How task auto allocation works?

      There are different task auto allocation algorithms available, you may choose the one that fits your business priorities, For the system to perform auto allocation intelligently ensure, ● Nearby auto allocation ● Round robin ● One by one ● First in First out

      4. What are the reports available to improve my business?

      Apart from the delivery/performance reports, fleetroot could help you analyze the delivery demand zone or territory performances through a heat map analysis. If your business is operating from multi locations a detailed delivery performance report helps you analyze each hub or location performance

      5. How do I allocate the sensor values in the task?

      Fleetroot support all types of sensors within a single unified platform, Admin user can activate necessary sensors from the Task configuration panel like Temp/Weight.

      6. Is the information private and secure?

      Fleetroot products are built with security and privacy in mind from the ground up. Given the large amounts of data our system generates, we hold data security to the highest standards. All fleetroot products come with TLS 1.2 protocols AES256 Encryption and are hosted on the world’s best in class cloud infrastructure Microsoft Azure

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