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10 Questions To Gain Better Understanding of a School Bus Tracking App

Safety of school going children is of utmost importance for their parents as well as school authorities.

Not only when the little ones are inside their school premises but also while they are traveling back and forth through their school buses.

Earlier, parents used to wait for their wards until they were dropped back.

There was no clue of their location, if there was any delay, school authorities had to inform the parents of each student about the same.

With technology mushrooming everywhere, many school buses are being equipped with a GPS tracking system.

This tracking system enables the parents to track their children in real-time through a school bus tracking app in their mobile phones.

These apps ensure the safety of kids in an efficient way while they board a school bus.

With this, most of the school transport managing businesses are also working towards offering an easy and streamlined way of managing a school trip, improving bus productivity and its usage.

One such tracking app for school buses is Fleetroot.

It’s an AI & big data-enabled tracking app used for automated routing and intelligent trip management.

Also, it helps the school transport department efficiently manage their fleets and drivers.

In order to give you better insights into several vital features of school bus tracking app, we have listed down 10 of the most Frequently asked questions:

1.Is School Bus GPS Tracking Software integrated with the map?

Yes, school bus tracking software is integrated with Google Maps.

It helps parents track the location of the school bus in real-time via the app so that they can pick up their children at right time.

2. What are the key benefits of School Bus GPS Tracking System?

a. Live Tracking of Vehicle 

School bus tracking software is a GPS-enabled system with RFID ID cards.

This monitoring system provides complete security to students and details of the location of their routes.

b. Real-Time Notification Alert

The tracking software for school bus sends an push-notification to parents and school admin via the app when the bus arrives at the stop or school.

c. Reporting System

The reporting system enables parents and school admins to analyze and access the routing data of school bus through several reports in real-time.

d. Real-Time Location View On Map

Parents can locate the bus in real-time via map and pick up their wards at the right time.

3. Is the Internet connection necessary to receive notifications?

No, internet connection is not necessary.

You will receive notifications via SMS too.

4. Is it possible to communicate with the driver during a trip?

Yes, it’s possible to communicate with the drivers through school bus GPS tracking app as the software is integrated for both the drivers and the parents.

5. Does the School Bus Tracking Software ensure complete student safety on the school bus?

Of course. The tracking software sends real-time updates of the school bus to each user about students boarding the bus and getting off safely.

Parents and school admins are able to track the location of the bus whenever they want.

The app allows parents to analyze the historical movement of the buses to create safer bus trips.

6. Does this school bus tracking software notify me instantly in case of route deviation or over speeding?

Yeah, the parents will receive alert notification in case the bus deviates its daily route or driver increases the speed.

7. Is School Bus Tracking Software easy to install?

Yes, you can find this app in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Just install the app, register, login, and start using.

8. Does the School Bus Tracking System create the school bus route automatically?

The school bus tracking system helps you optimize the bus routes in an efficient way.

You can select your criteria like the number of students and buses, road hazards, type of roads, and time taken in traveling. The auto-routes allocation processes save the time of both the drivers and the parents.

9. Is all data secured and safe?

Yes, all the data collected in the bus tracking app is secured.

So, parents don’t need to worry about the information about their wards.

10. Shall we schedule the school bus routes in the school bus tracker?

Yes, the school admins can schedule routes using the school bus tracking software.

They can create, allocate, and update changed pickup locations through the app to make the trip as efficient as possible.

The above points might have given you a better understanding of how beneficial a school bus tracking app is for parents as well as school transportation providers.

With all the convenience provided by bus trackers, you can improve your overall revenue and provide better efficiency and improved parent relationships.

So get started with Fleetroot and take a step towards successful fleet management.

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