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12 Reasons Logistic Companies Should Invest In Delivery Management System

Before we begin to understand the benefits of the delivery management platform, let us first understand the software itself.

This platform is a software used by logistic companies to simplify their day to day activities, reporting, and storing data.

One such platform is being used to manage its core business which is unique to the company.

The platform has various functions and manages multiple tasks. Let us check out the tasks and benefits of the platform.

  1. Automated routing is achieved using inbuilt GPS. The platform plans the routes based on the delivery addresses and traces them on GPS. The defined routes are then assigned to the delivery boys for intracity deliveries or to truck drivers for the intercity movement.

Automated routing is a key functionality of the platform and can help save time and fuel for the company.

The data from the routing and deliveries are used by the platform to calculate payment to be given to the drivers based on the values set by the business on the platform.

2. Fleet tracking is essential to track the performance of the delivery people.

This helps the company to monitor and save time and fuel.

The fleet manager can use the platform to not only track the fleet but also store and retrieve the data to determine the performance of the delivery person.

3. Real-time notification and information updates are done on the go by the platform.

Any changes in the pre-planned tasks can be sent to the fleet and the platform present on the handheld devices of the delivery people gets updated and notifies the person. The information can be for changes in routes, reverse pickups or cancellation of delivery, etc.

4. Managing vendors and the inventory owned by them including the payment, performance, usage, quality, and other variables is easily accomplished using the platform.

Based on the business forecasting, inventory from the vendors can be increased or decreased to suit the business.

If there is a need to increase, the platform can either notify the business to place orders or can place the orders by itself.

5. Customers who are in a contract to provide a fixed business can be managed using the platform.

The contract conditions can be defined in the platform to provide discounted rates.

The data of packages can be used to manage the pricing with the customers and can be taken for a settlement based on the volume as per the contract.

6. Inventory management is a good feature of the platform. Everything owned by the business and used by the business can be managed for purchases, usage, maintenance, and disposal using the platform.

This is a vital functionality that helps businesses optimize the usage of things it bought to improve the business.

An inventory can be anything starting from a code scanner and printer to the vehicle it owns and uses to deliver packages.

7. Packages can be tracked using the platform.

Packages moving across continents and countries are not tracked individually but based on the containers they are stored on. Based on the business rules the movement of the package is shared with the end customer.

For example, the customer would just see updates on the movement of its package but the business would get to see the movement of the container.

8. Warehouse management deals with managing the planning of warehouses, the storage of packages in the warehouse, and segregating them based on different categories.

Based on the contents, the packages that were segregated can be loaded into the same vehicle and dispatched. Scanning each parcel using handheld devices help in tracking the movement.

9. Billing and Reporting can be automated on the platform.

When the company makes purchases, the bills received can be automatically entered into the database.

The data gathered during the operations can be used to make decisions to optimize the usage of resources.

Management decisions can be something like a change in timings of the drop or pickup of packages, changes in the tariff, hiring new resources, etc. Reports generated from day to day operations can help in measuring the performance of the company and anticipating its growth.

10.Analysis and forecasting of the requirement of assets can be easily done via the platform.

The data is fed to the rules and logic set in the platform to provide the requirement of assets in the future.

Orders can be then placed well in advance to ensure delivery at the right time to meet the demand of the business.

To give an example of this, let’s say that the company has hired 50 new delivery executives.

The company would need to arrange protective gear for the delivery executives to ensure their safety for which they could place orders in advance to be prepared

11. Suppliers can be easily managed using the platform for various requirements.

Orders can be placed automatically for the required asset and the billing and the payment can also be managed by the platform. A lot of activities can be automated based on historic data that will help the company in its day to day operations.

12. Feedback gathering and analysis help the business to understand the changes they need to make to improve customer experience. The data gathered can be analyzed by the platform, segregated and the output can be displayed in the required manner.

This feature can be easily integrated into the platform.

There are many other functions and benefits of this kind of platform but the above listed are the most vital and aid the companies in running its daily business.

The software used by different companies have a unique functionality or capability which differentiates it from others.

This might be based on the idea that differentiates the business, the performance of the software, or some similar competitive features. The management and maintenance of the software are either outsourced or done by self, depending on the size of the business and the benefits derived from the usage make it worth the money.

Do you use a platform to manage your company?

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