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4 Easy Ways To Improve Driver Efficiency

Drivers are the backbone of a delivery business. To win over consumers and remain profitable in a growing competitive environment, efficiently managing driver performance is a paramount factor behind consumer satisfaction. 

Thus, the drivers must put their best foot forward. Apart from their skills, GPS tracking system can be of a huge benefit for them. 

Here’s how delivery management software can help improve the drivers’ performance and here’s why you should invest in them now. 


1. Helps to set priorities, optimize routes


Set the order priority to avoid confusion or delay in delivery. Identify the customers that must be served first based on an order’s importance or those that fall along the route.

An organized system not only helps you save time but also prevents goods (especially the perishable ones) from any sort of damage. Thus, all the orders should be planned before the driver is out in the field.

The delivery management system can identify the orders depending on the categories assigned to them. 

The categories can be adjusted based on location, urgency, servicing requirements, and delivery time. It also provides suggestions for the most optimal route to complete a delivery.

The software also looks after the driver’s availability so that there is no disturbance in the planning. They can also help you designate areas to specific drivers if they are more familiar with certain neighborhoods and can get around easily.

When a driver will be available, how much time a delivery will take, when will he be available next, and in which area are among the factors that the software can directly look into, thereby, decreasing the manager’s load. 

Delivery route planning involves accurately correlating between drivers, available fleets, and the delivery windows promised to customers. The software takes care of all these needs. 

When the routes are optimized, you end up sending the right vehicles and drivers at the right time to the right locations, thereby removing any chance of error.

Route optimization also ensures that unnecessary idling is reduced. Both the vehicle and the driver are utilized to the best of their capabilities. Control of fuel and other operational costs is an additional bonus. 

The system maps together packages that are to be delivered to the same area. This coupled with maps helps the drivers avoid traffic and ensure that the delivery is made in the fastest time possible. 


2. Constant monitoring provides vital inputs, keeps drivers under check


With the software, the drivers are under constant supervision. As a result, most of them will be at their best behavior and ensure good driving practices.

The application automatically collects, identifies, analyses, and tracks data related to the drivers’ performance. The managers can thus analyze their driving in real-time and provide them feedback to improve their efficiency.

With the ability to monitor the speed and location of all vehicles, the driving practices are in accordance with the law. 

Constant supervision can also help you identify the drivers who are exceptionally good and reward them. This increases their interest in the work.

Conversely, you can also use the database to help them improve their habits. Inform the drivers about the parameters on which they will be judged and organize a monthly competition among them. Small rewards, recognition go a long way in enhancing the productivity.  


3. Helps in minimizing the chance of error, enhances communication


Fewer mistakes mean more efficiency and a delivery management software helps you achieve that. 

The software puts the driver in direct contact with the customer. Thus, any clarifications about the address, time of delivery can be directly addressed. The in-built navigation ensures that the drivers are not lost on their way to the delivery. 

The application will also provide an accurate Estimated Time of Delivery. This not only helps in improving customer services but also increases the number of deliveries your drivers can make in a given shift.

The system also ensures that there are no missed deliveries or a mix up of products. A missed delivery is not only disappointing for the client but also wastes the driver’s time. An additional trip can be cumbersome for the drivers. 


4. Facilitates easier communication between the drivers and clients


Sound interaction reduces the stress for all the parties involved in the deal. The tracker keeps the communication channel always open between the consumers and the drivers. As a result, in case of a change in plan, decisions can be taken right away. 

The communication channel can also be used by the drivers in cases of distress or to call for help. The managers can guide the drivers easily.

Other than that, the software also looks after the communication between the driver and the client. The app serves as one point of contact for the drivers. It automatically schedules an appointment with the client and sets the time. 

All communication between the drivers and the clients happens through the app. 

The technology will replace the need for paper and pen. Filling out paper forms at the end of the delivery can be a painstaking delay for the drivers. That eats into their productivity and kills the buzz. 

Instead, the digital signatures can remove paperwork entirely from your delivery operation. This can also be used to protect the company from false claims or consumer disputes. 




If you are looking to take charge of your logistics and deliveries with a smarter, more accurate, and dependable system, the fleet management software is the right choice. 

An advanced driver delivery management software allows businesses to streamline operations, keep tabs on the products as well as track the drivers constantly. 

Don’t you want to leverage this information and have a competitive edge over your counterparts in the business?

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