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4 Ways To Track The School Bus Of Your Children

The growth of technology and the rise of the Internet of things have made it possible for parents to track the location of their kids in real time.

There are several applications out there that can provide you with the live location of the school bus and whether or not your kid has boarded or de-boarded the bus.

All of this is possible with GPS and RFID system all of which are explained below: –

The first thing that one has to do is find a suitable school bus tracking software.

They will help you track the location of the school bus with the help of a device that will be attached to the bus and provide you with the GPS location of the bus.

The attendance of your kid will also be marked with the help of an RFID tracking device that can detect the RFID chip placed in the id card of the student.

It is a full proof way of ensuring your kid’s safety and well-being.

All you have to do is install the application on your phone which can help you track the location and also provide various other features.

These days you can also get the location via a text message and some software do not require you to download any application on the phone. Some other features that you can use are

1) Real-time Tracking – Not only will it show the parents and school authorities the location of the bus but also provide information like estimated time of arrival based on the traffic conditions.

This can help parents reach the pick-up point on time.

Also, notifications and alerts can also be sent to the driver or parents for any concerns.

2) Check on the speed and route of the bus – Parents will have the liberty to see the speed of the bus and the route it takes. That can help the parents be vigilant about any deviation from the normal accepted speed or route.

3) Notifications – In case of a breakdown or any unexpected event parents will get a notification right on time to arrange for alternative pickups and save themselves and their wards from any inconvenience.

4) Monitor fuel consumption – This one is for the school bus owners, they can make their business more cost-effective by monitoring the fuel consumption of the vehicle and it can also suggest an optimum route to save fuel.

As we can see that this is a very efficient school bus tracking app and the best part about it is that the application is absolutely customizable.

Parents can choose for what events they need notification and in what mode like SMS, call or app notification.

So, from now on your kid will not have to leave before time to wait for the bus or wait for you for a lot of time at the bus stop.

All of these minor problems will also be taken care of with the help of the software.

All you have to is find the best school bus tracking app that has a good reputation in your area and provides you with all the necessary features.

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