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6 Ways Organisations Can Deliver On Same-Day

Whoever said “Time is money” was right. In the business of delivery, this saying is like the gospel truth. With technology evolving so fast, everyone wants everything at a click. So is the case with packaging deliveries.

Hence, more and more customers are expecting to receive online orders instantly as well. However, not many businesses have been able to address this need seamlessly.

We have list six ways in how you can deliver the packages within a stipulated period.

1. Getting the right information about the purchasers is crucial

It’s important to get the primary information right. You don’t want your drivers to get lost while finding the destination and losing crucial time.

The delivery management software must ask basic questions like a landmark destination, Pincode that can help the driver locate the location easily.

This will not only help them save time but also improve their efficiency and speed. As a result, the drivers can not only make maximum deliveries but also ensure that the deadline is met.

Also, get information about when the customers will be available and the delivery window that they are comfortable with. It’s a loss for the organisation if the driver has to return from the buyer’s doorstep without delivering the product because the consumer is unavailable.

2. Drivers are your asset. Ensure that they are skilled and efficient

There’s no real replacement for a good driver. All the shortcuts and technology will be of no real use if the associates are untrained. Ensure that they put their best foot forward. Keep a tab on their performance and place your best drivers for deliveries that are a priority.

3. Track, monitor the drivers and the packages

The organisation should have a complete overview of all aspects of delivery. From service requests to packaging, the management must be aware of all tiny details.

Track the entire transaction as it happens. Have full control of your delivery operation. The more information you have, the better control you’ll get on your delivery, and can, in turn, make your consumers happy.

By tracking the shipment, the management can help the drivers navigate through routes, help in cases of adversaries, and simply the driving process.

Monitoring the package also helps you to avoid any confusion and mismatch of deliveries. Mixing up of products can dampen the same-day delivery process.

4. Strategize, plan your route and group shipments

When running against a deadline, a proper plan is important to succeed. An easy way to organize the delivery schedule is to set a priority. You can thus identify customers or stops that must be served based on an order’s importance or according to the commitment made.

By setting a priority, you can identify the consumers that needs to be delivered on the same day or items that are perishable. A definite plan also helps you chalk out a route on which the drivers can make the deliveries.

Identify traffic bottlenecks that are always a problem and peak times. Assign areas to specific drivers who are probably more familiar with the area or can drive through the traffic easily.

Planning also includes identifying the times when your drivers are unavailable or when the vehicle is away for maintenance. A delivery management system looks after all these needs, thus not bothering the management.

5. Simplify internal communication

While communication is important, what’s more, necessary is for it to be seamless and clear. Complex structures can deter communication and can instead confuse drivers.

Have a system that easily incorporates the contact details of the clients. The application should also have a feature that can facilitate interaction easily between the drivers and the clients so that there’s no delay in the shipment

Seamless communication is essential between the organisation and the drivers as well. This will help when you inform the drivers properly and also help them out in case they land in trouble.

6. Automation can reduce troubles. Invest in a good delivery management software

Managing last-mile delivery and ensuring same-day packaging can be a cumbersome task if done manually. Automation is the key to ease the entire process.

A good quality and technologically advanced delivery management software can help manage the entire transaction seamlessly. The application will look after all your needs, right from client servicing to route planning and ultimate delivery.

The software can help you automatically form a route as per the client’s location, assign vehicles, look after fuel and fuel maintenance, keep a tab on the drivers, facilitate internal communication, interact with the customer among other things.

The inbuilt navigation system also helps the drivers find their way easily to the clients.

In addition to this, the automation system also removes unnecessary paperwork from the deal and makes the process simpler and faster. The application must help record arrival or departure, proof of delivery, as well as performance metrics

Once you have the whole process digitized, the managers can get reports and insights about every drivers’ performance. This information can be used to appoint drivers with high skills to deliver crucial and same-day packages.

The software can also be customized to look after the products in the inventory and making sure that there’s stock available. This ensures that your commitment is fulfilled.


For organisations, it’s essential to remember that if you don’t deliver it right, the clients will walk away to someone who will meet their expectations. Hence, it’s important for you to up your game and offer same-day delivery for your customers.

If you are thinking about starting same-day delivery to attract more clients and survive in the competitive business, investing in a best delivery management software can be a wise decision.

Why don’t you try the application and wait for the benefits to unfold for your business?

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