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7 Safety tips to School bus driver for city driving

Driving in any size city pretends different challenges to a School bus driver. City driving requires the driver’s full attention and also excellent protective driving skills. Always keep a safe following distance. This is tough to do in overcrowded roadways or areas with high traffic. Defensive driving skills are one of the first things a driver has to know.

Great School bus drivers don’t just drive they care for students. There are some strategies which will help school bus drivers to drive safely.

Dangerous road conditions :

The driver must be alert of road conditions to avoid the accidents and slow down when the road is undergoing repair. Always keep distances between you and other objects, which will give you more time to respond to unpredictable situations.

Aware of turns :

At the point of a turn, the large turning radius of the bus makes it challenging to get into the proper track. The driver should prepare for the turns and be aware of it.

Pay attention to traffic signals :

Every driver should conscious about traffic lights, indicating a different meaning that allows safe walking and traveling. You should be able to know some of the essential traffic signs for U-turn, one way, prohibited zones, no horn area, etc to avoid accidents.

Examine buses before going out :

Before rolling out on the road, it is essential to check the status of the vehicle. Ensure the safety and comfortable journey of students. Carefully check out the necessary elements of the vehicle like petrol/diesel, bald tires, glass wipers etc.

Safety from blind spots :

Add more mirrors to assist the blind spot with sight distance in heavy and unpredictable traffic.

Detours Signs :

Always Keep your eyes on the road and slow down when following detour signs.

Speeding Limit :

Ensure the student safety and always control the speed limit of the vehicle by setting the permissible speed limit.

Protect drivers from facing challenges with the best in road safety technologies. Drivers need to train with defensively driving skills and conscious of the physical urban environment. Pay attention to the congested roads, traffic lights, and heavy traffic. Handling the difficulties of city driving for the school bus driver is easily done with Proper training.

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