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9 Amazing Ways To Improve Last Mile Delivery

If you want to be a top market leader, you need to keep your eyes on multiple things, but the biggest focus must be on last-mile delivery, the final step of the supply chain.

The demand for the same day or next day delivery is growing; therefore maximizing the efficiency of last-mile delivery has to be a high priority for retailers.

One thing that will give you an edge over others is a Delivery Management Software which has the potential to transform businesses.

It is like a virtual robot that looks after everything- right from where the order was picked up from to whether it was delivered safely to the customer’s doorstep.

So how can you improve your last-mile delivery through the best delivery management software? Here are some tips to ensure that customers get their order on time

1.Provides control to the clients

Customers feel empowered when they are given the option of customizing their delivery. The delivery management system offers different slots and allows customers to choose the date and the time window in which they are available to receive their orders.

They can also make changes in the time window until the final day of product delivery.

In today’s time, the definition of last-mile delivery has changed because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Contactless delivery is the new norm.

Customers can now provide instructions on where and how their order should be delivered without having to come in direct contact with the delivery personnel.

2.Real-Time Tracking

From start to finish, you are in control of each component of the delivery process through the software. The in-built communication system tracks the driver in real-time, right from the time he picks up the product from the warehouse to the routes he is traveling on, to when the product is delivered at the customer’s doorstep.

Customers are also kept in the loop as they can also track the live movement of their order as soon as it is out for delivery. They will immediately receive notifications through texts or emails as soon as the driver is near their location. They are also alerted if there is any delay.

This reduces irritating customer service calls and increases the confidence of customers in your last-mile delivery service

3.Easy Task Assignment

There is no paperwork. You will have access to a fully functional dashboard that will allow you to run the business from a remote location.

You can set your priorities straight and focus on the most important aspects like time and status filtering.

It also makes it possible to induct any third party entity if any of the in-house capacity gets exhausted.

4.Automatic Dispatching

You can streamline your logistical tasks and directly communicate with the driver through ‘smart notifications’ available on the delivery management system. Smart notification considers 3 crucial factors before dispatching: proximity to the pickup location, vehicle capacity, and rating of the driver.

5.Manual Dispatching

You also have the option of switching to manual mode to choose the driver of your choice. The system also allows you to transfer jobs among drivers if a last-minute change is necessitated.

Delivery management software will give you the option of making adjustments on the fly and directly communicate those changes with the driver through your smartphone or tab

6.Route Optimization

All last-mile deliveries are not the same, so proper planning will save you a massive amount of money and time. It offers an in-built digital mapping system that allows drivers to easily locate the client’s address.

It registers customers’ orders and automatically identifies packages that have to be delivered in the same location. It also allocates loads to appropriate vehicles and drivers accordingly.

So what are you achieving here?

Minimum manpower and maximum deliveries in a short span of time.

7.Advanced Algorithms

In order to achieve smooth last-mile deliveries, it is important to evaluate all stakeholders. It uses analytics to appraise the performance of delivery agents and identifies hotspots where your deliveries are the most popular.

8.Proof of Delivery

Last-Mile Delivery Software collects electronic proofs of the delivery from customers with required information like notes, photographs, and signatures to manage delivery issues in a timely manner.

9.Customer Retention

Your customers’ demands are simple; hassle-free delivery, and smooth checkout. The delivery management app provides exactly that. It bridges the gap between the owner, delivery agent, and customer to root out all possible issues and ensure error-free last-mile delivery.

Customers will also have the option of providing instant feedback. This will lead to the rapid growth of business and an expanding customer base.


The customer is the king, meeting their expectations will navigate your company in the right direction, resulting in high profits, a stronger client base, and more importantly a solid brand image.

Though delivery management software packages are expensive, remember it is a one-time investment tool that promises high returns.

It boosts fleet productivity, scales your business, optimizes routes, promotes customer satisfaction, minimizes fleet issues, reduces fuel consumption, and increases customer retention.

So all these combined factors increase the profitability of your business.

So are you ready to travel the extra mile to flatten your last-mile delivery services through technology?

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