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9 Awesome Tips To Start A School Transportation Business

In today’s busy time, parents often find themselves juggling between managing their professional life and the schedule of their little kids. A kid’s daily schedule also includes dropping them and picking them from the schools.

Other than going to school, they need to go for extra activities like arts, music or sports classes. The difference in time and location makes it difficult for the working parents to pick and drop their children from school or other activity locations.

As a solution, businesses can associate with school authorities to start school bus transportation services. It can be beneficial for the students to reach their schools safely, and parents can be at peace.

But the question is, how to start this business?

Here, we have listed down some essential steps that you should keep in mind while starting a student transportation business.

1. Make a Business Plan

Like any other business, starting a student transportation service need a proper business plan. You can start with marketing your idea and finding the ideal users. You can research the markets that can be drawn for the business. Always remember, your business must be customer and service driven.

Also, your services must offer something different from what the competitor industry does. It will help you stand out of the rest.

The details of the plan includes areas and ages where your business should serve, fees structure, hours of operation, and finances. A well-planned business becomes the reference for the future checks.

Also, you can have your home or any shared space or a leased office as your work-space. The most crucial aspect of your business is your customer, and they are the key.

2. The objective of Your Business

The objective of your transportation business serving little kids should be to offer a convenient and safe way of transportation. It must be reliable, licensed, and cost-effective for the parents.

The aim is to provide unmatched services. A transportation business for the small students should offer the utmost satisfaction to customers. Your priority is to become a reliable source for parents.

3. Market Research and Promotion

Facilities for small kids like pre-school, day-care, recreational areas, activity centers rarely provide any transport facility. So it’s like an opportunity for transport businesses to research for their target markets.

Your market should focus on middle class working parents, both dual as well as single. This segment is the most active to receive the benefits of transportation service for their children.

Also, you should keep in mind the areas where the proximity of day-cares for small kids is impossible with proper transportation. Besides, advertise your services, so that your target audience knows about you.

4. Selection of the Vehicle

You need to decide the type and size of the vehicle initially. Mini Vans are more comfortable to operate in traffic, but the number of seats may be limited. Buses may need an exclusive license to operate but can take more passengers.

Besides, check the child safety features in the vehicle like seat belts, harnesses, safety lock, and airbags. Value addition to the vehicles will be the GPS units and radio communication types of equipment.

5. Selection of the Staff

Not only customers but your employees are also the significant aspects of your business. Select your ideal staff and provide them with attractive benefits to retain them.

Employee retention will have a huge positive effect on your business. It’s also important to check the valid driving license of the drivers you are recruiting. These drivers have to work with parents while initiating the routes.

6. Vehicle Usage

You can utilize vehicles to transport students during the peak hours i.e., early morning, mid-afternoon, and evening. The route can be determined according to the number of students and destinations.

During the regular hours, you can do the administrative and marketing work. You can use vehicles to run emergency trips to hospitals with unwell children or for appointments on priority.

7. Fee Structure

You should hand over the rate schedules over to the parents of they have enrolled their children for your service. Keep the rates for scheduled and un-scheduled trips transparent with the parents and show those on the rate schedule. If there’s any applicable discount for siblings and incentive for extra trips, you should mention those.

8. Operating Expenses

Maintain a detailed record of everyday expenses. You can even hire a competent accountant who can calculate the progress and issue of the business in real-time. Along with the workers’ wages, your budget should include the vehicle’s maintenance cost, fuel, and cleaning charges.

9. Other Requirements

A few states stipulate different prerequisites to work in their regions. Security concerns require photograph IDs of the youngsters. You may need vital equipment and a camera to make the ID cards, including insurance of vehicles, staff, and travelers.

You must thoroughly screen your drivers for drugs and do a background check for all of them. It is to ensure that the staff is not a threat to the children.


The business permits the benefit of working for yourself, and the services offered are highly required and acknowledged. This business is perfect for at-home guardians and the individuals who love young children.

The business can be extended whenever you require it. Towards the starting, it is prudent to focus on hiring the right employees. Later on, when a decent client base has been framed, and trust is developed, you can hire experts and utilized cutting-edge innovation to deal with the business.

If you want to add more to the safety features of your school transport, you can integrate it with the school bus GPS tracking system.

So, what’s your plan for business growth?

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