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DMS: New release-18th August 2021

What’s new

Enhanced ‘Delivery Screen’

  • Fully improved Admin panel
  • Comprehensive ‘Task Details’ visibility of POD within the panel for easy access
  • Explicit ‘Route’ information
  • Improved ‘Driver Patch’
  • Intelligent Search tabs
  • Quick commerce Activity Tab

New 3PL tech partnership

Our recent tech partnership with Clickpost.in would pave the way for all our customers to
get connected with the most comprehensive 3PL logistic providers across the globe.

Routing-Engine Enhancements

We have been working relentlessly to improve our routing engine, now the users can have
the advantage of the advanced routing engine to the fullest in order to save time and
distance, manage tight time windows and prioritize deliveries with ease.

Improvement in Rider Apps

  • Multiple Product image visibility within the Task
  • Route-run activity patch for easy navigation

Enhanced ‘Delivery Screen’

We have been engaging with our customers and working relentlessly to improve the user
experience, thus, have come up with an improvement in the UI/UX which can 10x improve
the speed, usability, and experience for our users.

The refined delivery screen allows the users/dispatchers to experience seamless
navigation through the populated deliveries. Some of the prime UI upgrades are briefed

  • Comprehensive ‘Task Details’: The improved task details showcase the detailed
    information of the delivery with all the waypoints
  • Explicit ‘Route’ information: The users could acquire the route level information of
    each delivery/task and let them navigate through all the pinned waypoints with
    the help of arrow keys. Furthermore, gets to know of the route information from
    the map screen as well
  • Improved ‘Driver Patch’: This allows the user to obtain a comprehensive view of
    the rider details which exclusively displays the delivery/task volume per rider and
    the distribution of delivery/task volume per team of riders.

Extensive ‘Delivery Report Engine’

The right reporting, analytics set a significant impact on the metrics to evaluate the
delivery strategy. We have put up the best practices to exhibit these insights and
empower delivery performances.
The delivery reports are now segregated and rearranged into 3 prime modules

  • Delivery Reports: To obtain key business insights which help you take insightdriven business decisions and suggest ways to overcome any shortcomings.
    Furthermore, it comprehends the ‘Delivery Visit Point Report’ which essentially
    brings to light the details of the destination visits.
  • Delivery Summary Reports: This report provides the summary of the entire
    delivery transactions
  • Delivery Analytics Reports: Report and analytics provide you with crucial data in
    graphical form.

Dynamic ‘Task Scheduler’

Handling a large volume of tasks sometimes could dive into a hassle situation where an
effortless and simple tool to manage these tasks are required. Our go-to tool for bulk
scheduling would help our customers to schedule the tasks without any struggle.

The dispatcher may now preschedule the tasks with the help of ‘Task Import’ where
he/she can upload bulk tasks in a batch, Users have the ability to easily upload single or
Written in 6 / 7
multi-route point visits with a click of a button, our reverse geo-coding engine would take
care of the rest

This could be achieved for multiple scenarios of delivery as listed down :

  • Single Visit: With this, the user may now import a large volume of tasks that are
    with a single delivery destination.
  • Single Visit With Time Window: This enables the user to plan the deliveries with a
    pre-defined time window for the completion of deliveries.
  • Multi Visit: This task import helps the users to execute the deliveries with
    multiple drop-offs.
  • Multi Visit With Time Window: This mode of import helps the users to schedule
    the tasks with multi-waypoints with a pre-defined time window for the completion
    of deliveries.
  • Multi Visit With Assignment: This allows the users to designate the riders to the
    deliveries with multi drop-offs


  • Customer tracking link expiration issue
  • Customer link ETA bugs


  • Heat map improvements mapping with order status
  • Order pooling engine improvements
  • Cluster separation of riders and orders
  • Improvement of the history log of all execution details of all the tasks overlaying the
    SLA logic
  • Rider movement delay and auto-refresh on the customer tracking link

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