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Fleetroot Roadmap For 2020

With manifold innovations in technology, the fleet management system is growing fast. The enhanced comfort levels with the products has also increased demand and, as a result, the industry is rapidly evolving.

However, today, the industry is no longer defined just by the pricing, but by the experience that it provides.

This year, at Fleetroot, we aim to work on amplifying the experience that our customers will derive from our  products.

We are expanding the ambit of our services so that you can enjoy a convenient, safe and a pleasant journey while on the road

We presently operate in three verticals — vehicle tracking system, school transportation system, car rental and leasing system — and are working towards having a perfect marriage with the changing technology as well as removing the common pain points faced by the travelers.

Bring out new innovations in car rental industry

Mobility is in the midst of a dramatic change. We are thinking smart and the main aim here is to work towards automation.

Imagine if access to a vehicle could be shared in a convenient, secure and seamless fashion, without the hassles of pick-up or drop and the need of a physical key.

Virtual keys not only makes renting a car an easy process but also guarantees security. Only a person with access to the encrypted key can use the vehicle.

This technology will allow our customers to send a secure digital car key to somebody else, without meeting them.

All you will need is the Fleetroot software that works both on Android and ios operating systems.

A Bluetooth-cum-GSM device is attached to the central locking system of the vehicle. When the person who wants to rent the car needs access, he/she is sent a unique key that needs to be matched.

Once the key is matched, the device readily instructs the central locking system to unlock the vehicle. When the vehicle is disconnected from the smartphone, the car will be locked and will not start.

You can also control access to the engine, keep a tab on the location, last parked area and the temperature of the vehicle.

The location also helps the person renting the car to identify the vehicle, thereby removing the need for personal pick up and drop.

We are working towards a model, where the software will automatically start clocking in the number of hours the car was on rent, kilometers covered, toll charges and traffic violations if any.

It will also evaluate the fuel consumed and a bill totaling all the expenses will be generated at the end of the journey.

While we are at this, our traditional features of rental service will continue to be at play.

You will still be able to track the vehicle, ensure proper driving practices and easily generate the invoice.

Become a favorite for fleet management and supply chain companies

We understand that the first mile and last mile are critical for the logistics industry.

To deliver a flawless experience to the customers, the company needs to ace the game of delivery: the first mile – the process of picking, and transporting the order – and the last mile – the final delivery of the product to the customer.

Smart scheduling and route optimization is integral here. It can significantly increase the efficiency and productivity of the fleet while simultaneously reducing costs.

Sometimes, nothing can predict delay. However, this shouldn’t impact your delivery or the clients’ satisfaction.

With the latest features, we plan to have a robust system in place that can proactively identify service disruptions and manage situations when things don’t work according to the plan.

By just using Fleetroot, all information related to your deliveries is just at the back of your hand.

You will be able to get a clear picture of deliveries or pickups waiting to be assigned, keep a track on which fleet is moving where as well as which routes are congested.

Not only this, the drivers can be kept in the information loop. They too can have view directions for their current route, have a look at diversions if any, check traffic and an overview of alternate routes that can be taken, select optional pickups along the way.

Additionally, we also aim to be the first choice for companies with a large fleet. We understand that managing an array of vehicles – maybe spread over several countries – can be a very costly and time-consuming job.

Cloud-based fleet management software with mobile accessibility and automated features like service reminders, trackers, improved communication systems are the key to a successful vehicle maintenance program.

Working towards an advanced school bus tracking system

Your tiny humans are as important to us as they are to you. Their safety and comfort will continue to be our prime focus areas in 2020 as well.

To up our security game, we plan to bring in live video surveillance for parents. As a result, they can keep a check on their kids in real-time.

This will not only improve the communication between the school management and the parents, but also put the safety of the child at the forefront.

With crimes against young children rising each day, we believe these little initiatives will go a long way in keeping them secured when they are not in the safety net of their parents.

In addition to this, Fleetroot will soon come up with a system for push notifications along with video attachment in case of emergencies.

Telematic data will also provide insights related to bus safety, performance and driving behavior. Integrated with RFID tags, the system allows immediate log of each student.


With many features of a good fleet management software already a part of Fleetroot, we are already ahead of our competitors.

We want Fleetroot to be your first choice when our customer thinks of a modern, tech-savvy and safety compliance software.

However, what we are striving for is continuous improvement. This is just the beginning and we need your suggestions or inputs on how we can make our car rental software better.

Why don’t you join us as we embark on our growth journey in 2020?

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