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Fleetroot vs Tookan In 2022

Fleetroot vs Tookan In 2022

What advantages does Fleetroot offer its customers as compared to Tookan?

Let us look at 6 key benefits, supported by client success stories:

1. Fleetroot covers fleet management and last-mile delivery in a single unified platform. This helps businesses deliver goods efficiently to their consumers. Fleetroot is a delivery management software that is based on a single unified platform and enables companies to improve customer experience by efficiently delivering on their last-mile logistics. It uses a comprehensive module that incorporates fleet visibility, fuel management, service & maintenance, eco-driving analytics, a driver scoreboard, and route deviation alerts that improve daily delivery operations and compliance.

  • Sensor monitoring: With the help of sensor technologies, fleet managers have deep insights. Connect Sensors provide critical alerts on temperature variance, tire pressure, brakes, engine performance, and other parameters that help fleet owners make crucial decisions and improve operational efficiency. Client success story: Nestle was able to achieve a 95% reduction in compliance violations by using Fleetroot.
  • Fuel Management: An efficient fuel management system enables fleet managers to continuously monitor fuel usage patterns and implement meaningful optimization processes. Insights that improve the bottom line, automate preventative maintenance, reduce downtime, identify fuel waste, and arrive at the correct fleet size with utilization data. Client success story: Pran achieved a 50% reduction in vehicle idling by using Fleetroot
  • Real-time location & GPS: Fleetroot advanced location services ensure increased visibility across fleets, resources, and operations. This helps fleet businesses to unify cost, efficiency, productivity, and safety. Features like real-time location visibility and innovative geo-fencing improve compliance monitoring and route performance to provide better service to customers. Client success story: Arla was able to achieve a whopping 99% on-time delivery rate by using Fleetroot
  • Automated workflows, customizable alerts: With first-hand information about mobile assets and resources via intelligent and customizable alerts (such as SMS, email, and mobile notifications), businesses can proactively solve customer issues.  Streamlining procedures via simplified reporting and administrative tools increases productivity. Client success story: Rakez reduced administrative expenses by as much as 60% by using Fleetroot.
  • Driver Behavior: Improving driving behavior to increase the safety of resources, improving compliance via real-time driver behavior analysis and violation notifications. Features like eco-driving analytics, driver scoreboard, and route deviation alerts all improve safety and save on fuel. Client success story: Damac achieved a 95% reduction in driving violations.

As compared to Fleetroot’s unified platform that helps businesses improve safety, efficiency, and visibility of connected operations, Tookan requires clients to use third-party integration to achieve fleet management.

2. Route planning and fleet optimization panel: By using Fleetroot’s route optimization panel, you can streamline your daily schedule of delivery operations with an intelligent route and fleet optimization engine. This saves costs in daily route planning, reduces turnaround time, and improves customer experience across the daily route.

Tookan does not have the route-optimization panel that is offered by Fleetroot.

Route Optimization Case Study: How Fleetroot helped a leading gift marketplace to increase its SLA adherence, improve service times, and customer experience

  • Challenges: Multi-vendor pick-up and delivery management, route optimization, and improving order movement visibility to customers
  • Solution: Fleetroot delivery and route optimization platform helped Joi Gift improve SLA, create pick-up visibility to vendors, and improve customer experience.
  • Results: 99% SLA adherence. 10% service time. 65% customer retention.

3. Fleetroot supports on-demand and scheduled deliveries: Another advantage of Fleetroot’s single platform is that clients can streamline their on-demand deliveries.

  • Streamline on-demand delivery: Clients can streamline their on-demand delivery process from the warehouses, stores, or the fulfillment locations right through to the customer’s doorstep with remarkable speed. The single platform enables efficient management of all order sorting, pooling, on-demand SLA management, automated dispatch, rider operations, and customer visibility
  • Customer delight and experience: Achieve customer delight by providing them with order visibility and a real-time ETA. By automating delivery location capture, Whatsapp integrations, and feedback forms, clients can successfully engage with customers. This improves the safety of your customers, uses contactless signatures for improved compliance, and maintains rider vaccination details, and sensor data information.

On-Demand Case Study: How Fleetroot helped a leading pharmacy retailer to optimize their on-demand delivery operations

  • Challenges: Omnichannel order aggregation and pooling. Pharmacy location intelligence and inventory mapping, visibility of the fleet, and resource operations.
  • Solution: Fleetroot intelligent order pooling engine and automated dispatch module deployed across pharmacies helped them deliver medicines to their customers within a 45-minute SLA.
  • Results: 6-time revenue increase. 30% reduction in delivery costs. 75% increase in customer stickiness

4. Comprehensive reporting and customization: Fleetroot’s comprehensive report suite is a streamlined reporting and administrative tool. This enables clients to effectively streamline field-operation challenges, thereby helping to improve the productivity of fleet operations. These reports deliver insight that enables customization and being proactive in solving customer requirements – especially in unplanned situations that come up in the real world of complex logistics and distribution.  Receiving first-hand information about their fleet vehicles, assets, teams, and resources through real-time alerts such as notification pop-ups, and emails helps immensely to achieve this.

5. Fleetroot offers supported multi-city and multi-country logistics across last-mile delivery operations

Fleetroot’s last-mile delivery operations come equipped with an inbuilt order-management system that provides a digital method for efficient order lifecycle management across multiple locations that are spread across various countries and cities. All the sub-parts of the entire order lifecycle process—including inventory handling, order details, order tracking, customer service (etc.)—are tracked in real-time to achieve operational efficiency.

Tookan does not support the separation of orders based on country and city for clients that operate businesses across multiple countries and multiple cities whereas Fleetroot provides this feature.

6. Fleetroot has its own order management system (OMS) to handle branches and store orders

Fleetroot has its own OMS, which aggregates orders from multiple sources into a unified workplace.  With this, clients can efficiently manage orders from omnichannel sources (brick-n-mortar-stores, online) into a single workflow.  Additional features include order-clustering, quality control, fulfillment optimization, delivery schedule based on customer needs, and a real-time single view for inventory management.

This provides visibility for clients and logistics teams and also reduces the time taken for order approvals and processing, as well as order dispatch, thus improving operational efficiency.

Tookan, however, does not have a comprehensive and integrated OMS – they only pull information directly for delivery. 

Conclusion: As is evident, Fleetroot’s last mile delivery software offers a comprehensive list of robust and effective features for clients to manage their fleet logistics. A winning combination of modern automation, strong data analytics, and robust report suites that generate meaningful insight, customer customizations, and real-time visibility for both internal teams and customers helps clients to achieve customer satisfaction.

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