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How To Track Your School Bus With School Bus Tracking App

The advent of mobile technology has given rise to numerous innovations since the past few years.

One of those is the vehicle GPS tracking and it’s impressive to see how this technology is enhancing the productivity of business processes.

Vehicle tracking helps you know the location of your fleet and routes your drivers take, so that you can streamline your process.

With fleet management companies adopting this technological shift to managing everything seamlessly, schools are no exception.

In order to ensure the safety of their students during their transit, schools authorities are making use of bus tracking apps. A school bus tracking app helps both school admin and parents track the vehicle in real-time and know if the students have been picked up from and dropped-off to their homes safely.

If there is any mishap during the journey, and for school transportation business, it helps them check if the driver is taking a correct route.

A school bus tracking system could help you overcome several issues that arise in managing the school buses.

It’s a surefire method of managing your fleet of school buses and at the same time, it lets you analyze the activities.

The bus tracking system has gained huge popularity among the school authorities and parents who have a perpetual need of staying informed about the students as well as the bus drivers.

How to Start Tracking with a School Bus Tracking App?

Even though a bus tracking app for schools may involve a lot of technical complexities on the app design and development front, the way it works is quite easy to understand.

Here are the easy steps to use a tracking app through which you can track your school bus:

1.Install the Application

Initially, install the app and register to create your member account by inserting all the necessary credentials. You will receive hardware to configure with your app.

2.Create a User Profile

Once the hardware is installed, set up user profiles, buses, routes, etc. Also, provide RFID cards to students once printed.

3.Notification for Drivers

Once the parents have installed the app and started using it, drivers and assistants will get a notification about the trip and route they should take through their app.

4.Mark Attendance

Drivers can mark student attendance, collaborate with school authority, schedule their route, control students to ensure overall safety. Once the attendance is marked, parents can see the location of the bus in real-time.

How Do Tracking Apps Help Manage School Buses?

Following are some points that will help you understand the importance of tracking applications for tracking and managing the school buses:

1.Live Tracking of School Bus: A school bus tracking application integrated with a GPS system includes an RFID card. The apps help you ensure the end to end security of students and keep you updated about the routes in real-time.

2.Real-time Notifications: The alert notifications help parents and school admins know when the school bus arrives at the bus stop and the school.

3.Reporting: School admins and parents can analyze and access routing data of school bus from several reports whenever required on the basis of real-time data.

4.Route Planning: A school bus tracking app can help school transport businesses with bus routing and scheduling without worrying through its route planner.

5.Auto Routes: The school bus tracking app automatically fetches data from the system and generates a route accordingly reducing the stress of manual tasks.

6.Automatic Allocation and Optimization: Auto allocation and optimization helps in reducing bus’ running time, driver efforts, and saves fuel plus help in determining the exact pickup points of the students and adjustment of the seating capacity.

7.Driver Guidance: The app helps drivers check the direction to their upcoming pickup and drop point that includes important student details. In addition, drivers can see the details of on-boarded and off-boarded students plus those students who haven’t boarded the bus.

8.Trip History: This feature allows the admins to check the automatically updated history of all the previous trips whenever they require.

9.Map View for Location: School authorities and parents can stay relaxed as school bus tracking apps allows them to the tracking of bus route through the maps.

This helps parents stay updated with the correct time of arrival of the school bus to pick up and drop their children.

Also, it helps school authorities streamline the process in a better way.

10.Increased Trust Factor: When the parents are able to track their wards whenever they want, it builds a trust factor among the parents and school authorities. The reason being the increased safety of children.

11.Improved Security: School bus tracking apps are totally secured with security keys. There is an optimized version for every user.

12.Unique Hardware: The GPS and RFID integrated hardware ensures that the data and alerts are communicated in real-time through the mobile apps.

Wrapping Up

The benefits of smartphone-based school bus tracking system must now be evident to you.

School bus tracking apps work as a comprehensive solution to ensure the safety of school transportation and improved fleet management.

With lesser costs and high utility, these apps would provide a noticeable outcome, once you start using it.

In addition, you can track and manage your fleet immediately without waiting.

Some of the major features like automated routing, seat allocation, or optimized load balancing, plus pick up and drop off automation guarantee that the overall monitoring system of school bus works efficiently.

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