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How Delivery Management Software Helps In Customer Satisfaction

The end goal of any enterprise is meeting the expectations of the customer, serving them the best deal, and walking away with loyalty. Satisfied customers, in turn, result in better goodwill and image of the company.

In the business of delivery, client satisfaction of the utmost importance. In the competitive market today, all of us need an edge over the other to thrive and stay in the good books of the customers.

A delivery management software has the potential to set you aside from your competitors. It looks after the needs of the customer from when the order is placed to their doorstep where the package is ultimately delivered, without causing any extra burden on you. 

Here’s how a delivery management software can help you in enhancing the satisfaction levels of your customers

1. Improved communication with the delivery fleet

With delivery management software, communication between the drivers and the clients is easier, more transparent, and faster.

From start to finish, the customer is in control of each part of the delivery. As soon as an order is recorded, the customer will receive a web link as SMS or on email. This link can be used to track the delivery on a real-time basis. 

Furthermore, the in-built communication system enables both parties to interact with each other seamlessly. From when the order was picked up, to when the delivery is estimated, the system puts all relevant information in the hands of the consumers.

If required, the customers can also track the live movement of the delivery when the package is out on road. They can be alerted when the driver is near their location so that they can have a finer idea of the ETA.

The client also feels empowered as they can directly interact with the drivers without any interruptions and customize the delivery process as per their preference. 

The clients can choose the time window in which they would be available to receive their package. They can also mention multiple addresses, specifying when they would be available at which address. 

2. Efficient delivery management

Customers are satisfied when they receive the delivery faster and without any hassles. The delivery management software helps you do that.

The delivery management software can divide the packages as per the location, the priority of the products among other parameters. 

Registering customers’ orders and assigning each to appropriate drivers can be done automatically. Thus, all packages that are close by can be stacked together for delivery, enabling faster transportation. 

Route optimization helps drivers make more deliveries in less time in a smart way, thus creating a favorable condition both for the organization as well as the buyers. The faster the driver delivers, the more deliveries can he make. 

With the system in their hands, the drivers can easily navigate their way to the client’s addresses. The route is displayed on a GPS map to the driver with the delivery line up laid out in front of them.

In case of queries or a change of the address, the associate can directly interact with the client who can guide him better. This is helpful when there is food or perishable items in the delivery list. 

The software also ensures that the best members of the team are at the job. 

The application can monitor the drivers’ performance and the company can easily pick the best from the lot. Greater customer satisfaction is directly proportional to good drivers in the firm. 

3. Paperless can simplify the process

Paper-based, manual processes of recording a delivery can not only be an inefficient method but can also be a big bummer when it comes to the client experience. 

Paper trails can lead to inaccurate customer orders and issues related to shipping, delivery, and payment can crop up. Sometimes, the deliveries can get mixed up or may contain incorrect items or quantities. 

These little errors can snowball into a major client disaster and can erode the reputation of the organisation. The software, on the other hand, removes these chances of error. 

Additionally, the application also comes with an Electronic Proof of Delivery that serves as an important acknowledgment of the fact that the package has been addressed to the right person. 

The electronic proof of delivery makes the process faster both for the drivers and the clients. The customers don’t have to spend a lot of time before taking home their package and the drivers can also set on their next journey with only an electronic signature or a thumb scanner.

As a result, the drivers can deliver faster deliveries, resulting in improved profits for the company as well as enhancing customer satisfaction. A mere electronic signature can be a great time saver for the buyers as well. 

4. Platform to voice complaints, efficient redressal mechanism 

Two-way communication is essential for the enhanced client experience. When the customers feel that their voice is being heard, they feel valued. 

A delivery management software gives the customers a platform to voice their complaints, register their feedback easily. The in-built communication system allows them to directly talk to an agent instead of waiting for a reply via email.

The software makes a faster resolution of their problems possible. The clients can choose to address their problems via chat or text in real-time. Instant solution of problems implies happy buyers. 

5. Notes customer preferences

The system can automatically record the preference of the buyers, thus enabling the on-demand experience of customers. It can autosave their preferred payment option, address, and time of delivery among other details. 

The software can also be integrated with multiple digital wallets so that no purchasers are left out of the loop and dissatisfied by not having their choice of payment mode/

These little things can go a long way in making the client feel special. 


With prompt as well as fast deliveries forming the core of this industry, there’s little wonder why you should ponder about investing in the delivery management software. The application can be customized depending on your requirements. 

So, are you ready to make the move and enhance the experiences of your customers?

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