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How Driver App Helps To Ensure Student Safety?

The safety and security of their school-going children is the biggest concern for parents. Schools are responsible for the safety of students right from the time they are picked up by the school bus until they get back home safely.

Therefore, ensuring the safety of students while they commute by school bus or perform activities inside the school premises is the topmost priority of every school.

An RFID helps to track students when they are inside the school, but a real-time school bus GPS tracking system, along with the driver app, helps to track the current location of students and ensure their safety while they commute by school bus.

What is a Driver App?

The Driver App, also known as the Driver Console App, is a mobile app created for the use of school bus drivers.

This exclusive platform is provided by the school bus tracking system to enable bus drivers to perform efficiently and ensure the safety of students.

  1. It is very easy to use and allows drivers to send instant updates as and when required.
  2. The app helps drivers to plan day-to-day trips and get alerts for speeding.
  3. It also serves as an efficient means to communicate with school administrators at all times.

10 Key Features of Driver App

A high-end school bus tracking system with a driver app comes with some important safety features that keep drivers bound to the established routes and speed limits.

This ensures the safety of kids on school buses. Let us explore these key features.

1 Trip Planning:


 With the help of the app, drivers can easily plan a scheduled or instant school bus trip without causing any long delays or missed pickups, so the trips are timely, safe, and more economical.

The shortest route can be chosen from the app and routes finalized accordingly. The app also gives alternate routes with minimum diversions in case of emergencies.


 Drivers can decide the number of stops in a single trip, set the start and end time for each trip, and receive turn-by-turn directions for each route. The detailed navigation helps any new driver to perform without creating havoc.

c.Trip Completion

The trip is marked complete only after all the students have gotten off the school bus.

2. View Details

With the driver console app, drivers don’t have to memorize any route or student details.

All details are automatically provided by the tracking system on the driver app.

Route Details

Drivers can view the trip route, including pick-up and drop-off points for each school bus trip.

Student Details

Drivers can view student details, such as the complete list of students boarding or de-boarding the bus, attendance details, and students on leave.

3.Mark Student Attendance

Using the driver app, drivers can mark the attendance of students so they know which student is attending the school and who is not.

This helps them to plan optimal routes that save time and fuel usage. Once the attendance is marked, parents can view the real-time location of the bus.

4.Real-time Notifications

The driver app allows drivers to send instant notifications when students have boarded the bus or have gotten down at a point.

1. Drivers also receive real-time notifications from transport managers via the app.

2. Real-time notifications regarding pick-up point location updates are also sent via the app.

3. Students who are on leave are also notified through the driver app.

5.Urgent Notifications:

The driver app helps drivers to send urgent notifications instantly in case of the bus taking an unusual route
any delay or change in the route any breakdown or occurrence of an unexpected incident traffic blocks and congestion accident/emergencies.

The driver can send messages to parents as well as school authorities in case of any emergency or unexpected delays.

6.Effective Communication:

With the driver’s app, drivers can communicate directly with parents as well as managers. In case there is a delay in pick-up or drop of students, the parents are immediately notified.

The app also allows drivers to know about any special requests submitted by parents. If a parent notifies the school that their child is sick and won’t be coming, the driver receives a notification about this and can re-route the trip.

7.Pickup Point Updating:

The pickup point of students can be easily updated in the driver console app according to the user’s convenience. This helps in reducing unnecessary trips, saving fuel consumption, etc.

8.Monitoring Speed:

Driver Behavior: The app gives complete details about a driver’s driving behavior by tracking the speed of the school bus.

Speed Alerts: When a school bus is moving too fast or too slow, alerts are received via the driver app, giving an overall idea about the driver’s driving habits. This helps to identify unsafe driving very easily.

9.Live Video Surveillance:

1.Live Monitoring

The real-time, smart school bus tracking system enables live monitoring of student activities in and out of school buses via the driver app.

The Bus Camera System capability of the app helps drivers to identify any misbehavior or bullying among students on the bus.

2.Live Camera Feeds

Through the driver app, drivers can view live camera feeds to monitor the entire school bus without leaving the driver cabin. They can view the inside and outside of the school bus via live video streaming anytime, anywhere. This facility is convenient, time-saving, and economical for schools to ensure the safety of students.

3.Student Behavior Reporting

The driver app helps drivers to report student misbehavior by capturing live pictures and sending them directly to administrators for necessary action.

10.Audio Messages/Announcements

The driver app allows drivers to receive audio messages from school authorities. Drivers can get information about student birthdays via the app.

Drivers can also play audio via the app. The audio system installed in the school bus can be connected to the driver app to make announcements. So, drivers can announce student birthdays and wish them via the app. This makes bus trips more interesting and enjoyable for students.


Child safety is important for both parents and school administration. Parents are concerned about the whereabouts and safety of their kids while they are being transported by school bus.

The driver app provided by the real-time school bus tracking system helps drivers to monitor the speed of their bus, view route details, monitor student behavior, and send real-time updates, so the safety of children can be ensured.

So, are your drivers using the school bus tracking system’s driver app to ensure the safety of children on the bus?

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