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How Fleetroot Has Transformed A Semi Government Organization [Case Study]

Dubai South is a Dubai-based urban planning and management project initiated by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Makhtoum.

Fleetroot has transformed “Dubai South” in connecting their assets and resources to improve visibility and safety within their fleet operations.

Fleetroot has contributed to providing cost-effective, time- effective, and high-quality fleet management software to enterprises all over the world.

50+ vehicles are operating in around UAE with a pool of drivers.

Dubai South deployed Fleetroot Telematics that provided a two- way communication hardware for data acquisition with Fleetroot Premium Suite to dispatch in-vehicle communication.

It also provides insights into tolls & traffic fines.


Real-time fleet monitoring enables visibility of vehicles at any given moment, allowing the teams to keep them on the route and on time.

It is difficult to locate drivers without vehicle tracking, for there may be certain areas where the vehicles may slow down because of heavy traffic or various other reasons.

With the help of the right technology, we could now locate our drivers wherever they are – taking their attitude and driving skills into consideration – and that allows us to assess them accordingly.

Two-way communication system enables seamless and safer communication between dispatch, drivers and in-vehicle call facility from the fleetroot mobile application.

Drivers are not allowed to be on the phone, text or even check their phone while driving.

We had to handle delays in order-to-delivery timings as OEMs would spend more time checking the components, which would, in turn, affect the recalls.

Fleetroot enabled us to keep in touch with the consignment, drivers, and in-call facility through the two-way communication channels that are safe, efficient and completely reliable – reducing operating expenses and improving customer service in the process.

Driver identification systems enable the managers to identify unsafe road practices such as aggressive acceleration and cornering, use of company vehicle for personal reasons, hard braking and idling.

In terms of a personal driver identification system, companies can incorporate one or any of the following –

A door monitor to help drivers log in or log out at any given time that they need to

Alert drivers against common road malpractices such as accelerating, hard braking and cornering

Keeps drivers responsible and accountable for their actions by allowing their managers to have open and positive communication channels to help them realize their mistakes

Inspires drivers to remodel their negative behavior into a positive one – thus engaging in the self-correction

Reduces the overall excessive fuel consumption and chances of preventable accidents

Toll & Traffic fine data analytics within Fleetroot connects the platform to improve the visibility of toll and traffic lines.

High-risk drivers can be identified at the present moment and steps can be taken to empower them to correct themselves.

The primary objectives of Dubai South transport team, while selecting Fleetroot platform, was to connect all of their assets and resources in real time to improve visibility, safety, and quality of their operations, reduce accident rates due to in-vehicle mobile phone usage by the drivers and to get visibility and accountability of the hefty Toll and Traffic fine charges.

Fleetroot solution architecture connected fleets and resources along with the two-way communication hardware, which enabled Dubai south operations team seamlessly communicate to the in-vehicle and provided data analytics on Toll and Traffic fines accumulated by the drivers.

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