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How Fleetroot Helps To Optimize The Order Fulfillment To Last-Mile Delivery?

According to WHO and PDA, Pharmaceutical organizations spend, on average, 6% of their revenue on logistics.

The pharmaceutical sector in the UAE is expanding quickly to meet a growing population’s advancing needs, which is expected to reach almost 11.1 million by 2030. The industry has been successfully creating life-saving medicines around the globe.

Transportation plays a vital role in making pharma products successful worldwide. Even the smallest error can cost your efforts in delivering the products to the customers.

Pharma companies require delivery management software to make their entire last-mile delivery easy, smart, and quick. To achieve that, companies need an Intuitive and Unified Platform with end-to-end visibility and real-time control.

The software optimizes the entire delivery process right from tracking delivery agents, smart dispatching, route optimization, digitizing proof of delivery, and managing returns. Fleetroot is a one-stop solution for that.

Let’s understand it further.

How Fleetroot Helped a Large Pharma Company Achieve their Last-Mile Delivery?

A large pharma company in the UAE has 70+ pharmacies within the country and a delivery mechanism. They also have call centers for the customers to ask for medicine deliveries. But, the company faced some challenges due to the lack of a combined platform for all delivery processes:

Lack of visibility in logistics

Shortage of drivers

Geographically varying distribution safety guidelines

Truck capacity restrictions

Special Storage requirements

Emergency security measures

Temperature changes

Difficulty in serving instant on-demand deliveries

Last-Mile Delivery is the most crucial step in pharma products’ transportation, and Fleetroot provided the pharma company with order management and delivery management system in a unified platform. The feature-rich solution added value to the productivity of the logistic processes of the company.

The simplified steps of the integrated application platform help get better visibility on orders, revenue, deliveries, order tracking, feedback on delivery, and much more.

1.End to End Visibility and Order Fulfillment: Visibility is vital for pharmaceutical companies. Without management software for orders, the medicine buyers found it difficult to keep track of their orders until they received it. That’s the reason why Fleetroot helped them achieve end-to-end visibility by providing real-time driver and order status.

With this automated software, you can keep your customers updated throughout the order delivery lifecycle by sending them notifications and alerts in real-time.

Also, the system allows you to carry out your customer-facing activities in a much better way so that your customers achieve their desired outcomes by using your pharmaceutical products and services.

2.Dispatch Planning: Fleetroot’s delivery management platform can optimize order deliveries considering the availability of drivers based on their ongoing assignments, vacation requests, hours of service (HOS), unplanned leaves, and possible overtime implications by automatically allocating the requests.

It has helped the pharma company streamline their order processes optimally and inform the customers about any alteration in the delivery.

Besides, route optimization makes the last-mile delivery operations flexible and fast. It helps in delivering pharma supplies at the customer’s comfort by planning delivery schedules automatically.

Also, it ensures to cover the maximum number of stops by traveling the minimum possible distance. The approach makes your last-mile delivery quicker and cost-effective.

3.Delivery Notifications: From product ordering to its delivery, the customers get notified about their pharma consignment’s progress. They can navigate the route, get the estimated time of product arrival in real-time. The company and its drivers can also track the delivery process to send notifications to customers about any development.

4.Digital proof of delivery and Instant Feedback: In the traditional system, the pharma company couldn’t get to know whether the customers have received their orders or not. The call center agent would also call the customers and ask manually about the delivery acknowledgment and their feedback.

With this automated platform, once the customer receives the order, it is automatically informed to the company through an app. Also, customers get to send instant feedback about their delivery experience. It helped the company gain more traction in the industry.

5.Analytics: Data analytics has helped the company with better communication, improved strategies, and plans to meet the end-user requirements. They can measure how well their performance is in comparison to their contenders.


With our delivery management and order management system’s help, our pharma clients have the finest range of facilities to convince the market demands. They deliver the products through a strictly monitored and controlled logistics processes.

If you are one of the pharmaceutical organizations looking for robust last-mile delivery software, we will end your quest.

Our feature-rich delivery solution can solve all the challenges and help you achieve;

Increased productivity
Higher visibility
Enhanced customer experience
Timely deliveries

So, what are you waiting for? Convert your pharmacy delivery business into a new age success.

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