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Fleetroot Mobility Platform Integrates With Dubai's RTA TARS System

Fleetroot Mobility Platform Integrates With Dubai’s RTA TARS System

1) What is the Dubai RTA’s new online “TARS”? How does it impact car rental companies?

(Given below is an official media release of the Govt. of Dubai in OCT 2021)

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched an online Transportation Activities Rental System (TARS) to serve the car rental system in the emirate. The system aims to bring more happiness to corporate and individual clients by improving the level of services provided to them.

The CEO of RTA Licensing Agency Abdullah Yousef Al Ali, said, “This new system charts out a comprehensive and flexible regulatory framework to streamline the business of the car rental sector, and covers all types of rentable vehicles. It contains revised legislation and improved regulations that cover all car rental activities overseen by RTA. The system, in particular, applies to light vehicles, heavy vehicles, light buses, heavy buses, and motorbikes. It also streamlines the relationship between car rental companies and their clients.

“In line with the government’s digital transformation strategy and the use of cutting-edge technology in planning and monitoring, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, the system is considered the first of its kind in issuing smart car rental contracts across the emirate. RTA applied the corporate agility approach in developing the system out of its commitment to keep pace with the latest global practices of the industry. The project contributes to the growth of the car rental sector and caters to the accompanying market variables,” added Al Ali.

RTA has completed the development of the key features of the system and activated it for use by all companies. It has also completed the registration of all companies and entered all valid contracts into the system. It has also trained 989 car rental companies in Dubai on the use of the system and familiarized them with its features. RTA will soon start training new companies that do not have systems of their own.

“RTA always seeks to bring more happiness to customers, be they individuals or entities, through advancing its systems, using new technologies, rolling out creative initiatives, and applying top global standards.” Such a drive is bound to support the sustainability of Dubai’s transportation sector and contribute effectively to realizing RTA’s vision to become ‘The world leader in seamless & sustainable mobility,” concluded the CEO of RTA Licensing Agency

(Source: https://mediaoffice.ae/en/news/2021/October/30-10/RTA-launches-online-Transportation-Activities-Rental-System )

2) Early performance indicators of TARS have been extremely encouraging:

Says Mattar Al Tayer, Director-General, Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of RTA, “From the launch date in September 2021 to June 2022, TARS achieved high-performance indicators.” The total number of rental contracts exceeded 840,000 contracts, and the number of processed transactions went over 520,000 transactions. “In addition, the system added about 118,000 vehicles, registered 1451 companies, and completed 2518 inspections,” explained Al Tayer.

(Source: https://www.wam.ae/en/details/1395303071500)

3) The overall objective of TAR is to create a hassle-free and convenient process for both, the consumer as well as the car rental company. 

Exploring Dubai by renting your car is a great way to do so. And, with TARS simplifying and improving the service levels and the working equation between the consumer (e.g. corporates, individual customers) and the car-rental firm, it becomes a far more efficient process.  

4) How will mobility software like Fleetroot help car-rental companies to use TARS?

TARS has updated the requisite legislation and regulations to oversee car rental operations as overseen by the Dubai RTA. It also provides guidance on how to optimize the working of car rental companies in relation to their clients and covers motorbikes, heavy/light vehicles, and buses.

While TARS is a great new initiative by the Dubai RTA to improve the working relationship with car rental operators, it must also be deployed and managed properly. Under such a scenario, it is important that car leasing and rental operators use modern, automated mobility software to automate all their rental business processes. 

By using API integrations, the car rental software is the all-important interface between TARS, the car rentals, and the user. Numerous transactional details that otherwise needed to be checked and entered manually are now done automatically.

TARS has several components and must be used correctly for efficiency:

  • Car and vehicle rental/leasing booking system 
  • Financials 
  • CRM, Customer App
  • Automated toll-download systems (E-fines for traffic fines, Darb toll, etc.)
  • E-TARS automatic data transfer to RTA TARS System
  • Vehicle mobile inspection
  • Driver management 
  • Email and SMS notifications 

Obviously, it needs some amount of time, effort, and resources to make sure that this is being done. This is where an all-in-one mobility system like Fleetroot is of utmost benefit to car rental companies. 

Fleetroot system is pleased to announce the successful integration of the Dubai RTA TARS System and Fleetroot Mobility System. The integration has been carried out based on the specifications outlined by the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority. 

Agreements created or updated, or documents uploaded, scanned, and stored by using the TARS interface are transferred immediately to the TARS system. Some advantages are listed below:

  • Store documents/agreements electronically: Instead of going through the cumbersome process of saving important documents like your driving license, passports, or your national IDs in various folders – and struggling to recollect and retrieve them when you need to! – the mobility system electronically stores all this. Thus, you are rest assured that they will not be misplaced, either.
  • E-rental agreements using E-signatures: Open and view your car rental agreement with your car rental software and use e-signatures for it. You can print it whenever you like. This goes a long way toward reducing paperwork in your workplace.
  • E-reading for driver’s license, passport (etc.): Car rentals are often busy, crowded places with long queues. Thus, inputting lengthy driver details can be time-consuming. However, mobility software is enabled with scanners to electronically read such documents and record them for use.
  • Damage settlements: Through the App, you could view your rental agreement, make vehicle inspections, take pictures of damage, and take customer signatures on your cellphone. 

5) Fleetroot: your all-in-one mobility system partner

Fleetroot Mobility is an all-in-one tool to optimize logistics and mobility operations that helps businesses optimize the last mile of moving people, goods, and services on a unified SaaS platform.

Connected Operations: Using integrated telematics data and insight-driven induced efficiencies, mobility operators can increase the productivity of their resources, make more money, and save more money.

Fleetroot amplifies transport and mobility operations to the next level with advanced fleet optimization, route planning, integrated logistics, billing and invoicing, smart insights, and extended visibility.

Connected Logistics: Enables businesses to monitor, measure, and optimize on-demand and scheduled delivery operations, starting from order pooling and sorting, route and fleet optimization, automated dispatch, and rider operations that create a seamless delivery experience for the customers.

Fleetroot improves delivery success rates, speed, and customer stickiness. Get complete visibility of your own and 3PL fleets, riders, and order status in real-time and surface actionable insights.

Conclusion: As is evident, Dubai RTA’s TAR System is a significant next-generation effort in using automation to seamlessly integrate various stakeholders in the car rental ecosystem. Therefore, car-rental companies would do well to use modern tools like automated car rental software that has been successfully integrated with the TAR System.

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