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How GPS Tracking Improve Efficiency

Using Vehicle GPS Trackers, fleet managers have improved monitoring and security for their employees, vehicles, and company equipment.

GPS trackers provide powerful network and satellite connectivity, & many automated reporting features that will guarantee you always have the information you need on hand.

Not only does having this information matter but having it immediately in emergency situations is also a bonus. We will give you an insight into how we do it.

Monitor & Report Driver Behavior :

Harsh Braking, Harsh Cornering, and acceleration will impact the life of your vehicle and maintenance cost. Harsh driving, Idling, and over-speeding by exceeding the maximum speed that you set may impact the safety and security of people and goods.

All incidents will be listed with the date, time, location, and speed. The system captures and reports all incidents on a real-time basis with Time, Location, and speed stamp. This is reported to operations and business owners through Email, popup, and Notification to management.

Efficiency Reports:

As fuel costs continue to rise, business owners and fleet managers seek cost-effective ways to manage this unavoidable expense. GPS Fleet Tracking technology can be one of the most cost-effective means to manage fuel consumption.

When your vehicles are idling excessively, they are wasting fuel and costing your business money. The tracking system will send alerts real-time to email and mobile if vehicles idle for more than set time with location and time stamp.

Harsh Driving :

GPS tracking system allows you to check on any aggressive driving behavior of the driver by notifying or capturing rash driving indicators like a sudden spike in speed or sudden descent of speed. This will allow you to see if a driver is accelerating normally to get on the interstate or is driving dangerously down a city street.

Productivity Report :

With these GPS tracker reports, you can cut down on transportation costs and reduce your risk of having more than the required number of vehicles and having them not used to the maximum.

Effective routing and scheduling will help in increasing your margins and make the maximum use of vehicles and intern reduce expenses and that will lead to higher margins.

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