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How GPS Tracking System Helps To Control Fleet Temperature

Transporting perishable or time-sensitive goods can be a challenging task for fleet managers. Not only should they be transported within a specific period, but the quality should also remain superior.

Temperature plays a crucial role in the safe transit of these products. From healthcare drugs to consumer goods, many products needs to be shipped under the right temperature. Any slip in the maintenance of the temperature can destroy the goods.

However, managing this from a distance can be a task. A GPS tracking system comes in handy here. It looks after the temperature settings, reduces the risk of unforeseeable repair costs and therefore helps in saving resources.

Here’s how a car management software helps in controlling temperature, door movement

1.Helps in real-time temperature monitoring

Most vehicles have an internal temperature gauge, door alarm. However, the information from this can be accessed only inside the fleet.

Constant supervision is a must to ensure that the quality of the goods is maintained during the entire duration of the trip.

Real-time monitoring allows overall oversight of the fleets’ temperature and can allow easy verification that optimum levels were maintained throughout the journey.

It’s important to remember that even a minute change can damage goods. Hence, the software should be capable of identifying even a slight difference in the temperature.

Tracking any change as and when it happens, gives the firm a chance to fix the problem before it damages the goods. The drivers can be alerted of the fluctuation and damage control mechanisms can be put into force immediately.

Data from here can be used to defend against claims that goods were damaged by heat in transit. The tracking software not only helps in keeping the goods safe and fresh but also improves customer satisfaction.

In addition to tracking temperature, the software also keeps a tab on humidity and pressure in the trailer.

2.Send notifications in case of temperature change

Modern fleet tracking software sends immediate alerts to the driver as well as the company if the temperature is out of range or has been modified.

Receive an instant alert via SMS or email when the temperature inside the fleet is beyond the pre-calibrated temperature thresholds. You can immediately contact the driver and inform him of redressal measures.

The GPS tracking software also makes it easy for the companies to reach out to the drivers using the inbuilt communication system.

3.Can send resources in case of distress

What good is having a temperature tracker if you cannot send the help right away?

Chances are that the driver alone is not able to salvage the situation. With the integrated GPS tracker, you can know the exact location of the fleet and send supervisors if required.

This can be of great help when the truck has broken down and perishable goods need to be transferred immediately.

4.Suitable for all sorts of vehicles

The advantage of having a GPS tracker is that it can easily be integrated with any vehicle. While most cars come with an in-built tracker, it can be customized further as per the needs.

The temperature sensors are also placed near the tracker and can help you ensure proper control. The software can easily be personalized and integrated with any type of vehicle.

5.Door opening alerts

With the sensors, you can monitor each time the door is closed or opened. When transiting perishable goods, repeated door opening can damage the quality.

The door sensor sends out an alert whenever the gate is opened. An alarm starts ringing if it is kept open beyond a stipulated time or not closed properly.

Fleet managers can also set a specified time-frame before a notification is shared so that a door that’s open only for a few seconds doesn’t trigger alarms.

If the refrigerator door is left open at a delivery site for a prolonged duration, the blower will force cold air out while warm air is sucked in from the outside. This can not only damage the goods but also jeopardize the fleet.

A record of these instances is also automatically updated by the software to explain sudden increases or decreases in temperature.

With the GPS, you can find out exactly where the door was opened. Hence, it adds an extra layer of security by making it possible to detect if they were opened at sites other than the customer base.

6.Receive regular temperature tracking report

The car management software will also generate a temperature report of the vehicle.

This will also include parameters like humidity levels, temperature fluctuations, power disconnections (if any), defrost cycles, the number of times the door was opened or closed, unscheduled stops, route deviations, the pressure inside the vehicle, among other things.

You can have access to historical reports as well to compare if the fleet requires any maintenance.

In case of a huge set of the fleet, you don’t have to worry about the management of the reports. The software will organize the documents and send you regular alerts if anything is amiss.

7.Helps in efficient routing, saving time

Most perishable products have a shelf life. Even with the right temperature, chances are that they might get spoiled if they don’t reach the destination on time.

With a GPS tracker, you can plan your routes better, avoid lanes that are heavy traffic zones and reach the base within permissible time.


The GPS tracker helps you keep the tab of temperature not only inside the vehicle but outside the fleet as well. Outside weather also impacts the fleet operations. Hence, they shouldn’t be left out of the equation.

The software also looks after the maintenance needs of the vehicle. If the car is not regularly looked after, chances are that the internal temperature systems will not run in optimal condition.

With the GPS management software, you can be assured that the goods will be safely delivered to its destination at the appropriate temperature level. What are your thoughts on this technology?

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