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How Does A School Bus Tracking System Enable On-time Efficiency [Case Study]

Royal Miles Bus Charter Services is an established passenger transport company in Dubai, operating a fleet of buses, vans and luxury coaches across the UAE.

The company caters to the tourism as well as corporate sector, providing airport transfers, hotel shuttle services and other charter services for business and leisure groups.

The company expanded their fleet with an emphasis on providing luxury, comfort and safety to its customers, for which, it specially imported vehicles from Europe, with best-in-class passenger amenities.

The Client Challenge

Dubai being a thriving business and tourism center, the airport transfer and hotel shuttle service business is highly competitive, with many large and small players operating in the region.

For the world class traveler, convenience is on par with comfort. Hence, providing timely service to and from airports and hotels has been a critical performance area for the business.

However, with an expanding fleet across the region, being on time -every time seemed like an unattainable goal, given their existing traditional fleet management system.

The challenge for the client was twofold: Without access to accurate time stamps at the pick-up and drop locations, it was impossible to take corrective action.

Further, time spent on-premise (waiting time at hotels and airports) was variable, and current systems were unable to monitor or predict them.


Fleetroot proposed and implemented a GPS enabled and smartphone-based Vehicle and School Bus Tracking  system.

The system provided for real-time vehicle tracking, route optimization, automatic trip and route allocation, monitoring driver behavior and instant alert notifications.

In addition, all of the pick-up and drop locations, viz., airports, hotels, convention centers etc. were keyed into the system as POI (Point of Interest) locations. This made it possible to record and monitor the in and out timings for every trip in context to these locations.

Key Features

Effective route planning, efficient allocation of jobs and routes to drivers, with optimum selection of vehicle type and size based on demand and availability.

Real-time tracking of all vehicles/ drivers on a map. Monitoring routes taken, distance traveled and time taken: between locations and on-premise. 

Instant notifications on the phone for entering and leaving a POI, delays, erratic driver behavior etc.

Sharing trip related information via push notifications/ messages directly to the customer apps.


Access to accurate, timely and comprehensive information on vehicle, route, trip and driver helped Royal Miles to identify problem areas and resolve them quickly, leading to a significant reduction in response time, and more accurate itineraries.

Efficient route planning, dispatch and scheduling led to optimum utilization of vehicle and driver work hours, increased productivity and reduced cost of operations.

Sharing trip related information and ETA (expected time of arrival) with customers helped to manage expectations and increase the customer satisfaction.

Further, access to real-time as well as historical data increased transparency in the system and led to automation of key activities such as payroll, reporting and billing.

About Fleetroot: Incorporated in 2014 and headquartered in Dubai, Fleetroot is a leading global provider of Fleet Management and IOT platform-as-a-service for businesses and government organizations, helping them track and monitor connected assets and resources via intuitive interfaces across web and mobile devices.

Currently, Fleetroot’s Fleet Tracking System and IOT platform are being used by over 300 customers worldwide.

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