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How To Automate Your Delivery Business?


The spread of COVID-19 has massively affected the delivery business. Despite that, these businesses are keeping no stone unturned to perform their regular tasks.

However, managing tasks manually can be cumbersome and can increase the risk of spreading this virus.

During this lockdown, many deliveries businesses, whether groceries, food, e-commerce, have included process automation. It will help them acquire and take advantage of the quarantine period.


Importance of Automation


With automation, you can reliably operate the safe delivery of the products. By efficiently handling proper product delivery, businesses can address the quarantine situation with fewer chances of COVID-19 pandemic.

Automation should be done with high safety and caution raised for the delivery drivers with extensive consideration of the quarantine zone.

On the other hand, a possible issue can arise in case the delivery driver transmits the virus to customers or vice-versa by sneezing and coughing while being in direct contact.

It has made various delivery services to go for the contactless delivery options advance intimation sent to the receivers about choosing this option and leverage the benefits.

This contactless option is a value-added feature in any delivery management system for small businesses depending upon the service automation more accurately without affecting the conventional form of on-demand delivery services.


Tips to automate your delivery business


Here, we recommend some noteworthy tips for automating your delivery business, especially to work more intensely and effectively in this quarantine phase without impacting the business revenues.


1. Put delivery instructions


The first and foremost tip is to leave bright and appropriate delivery instructions for your professional delivery personnel to place your order while rigorously practicing social distancing.

It would be better if you notify the delivery staff with a picture of the place, such as in front of the door or the entryway from wherever you want to pick the order.

Once the customers receive the order, it’s suggested that they discard the extra packages and dump those in the bin. However, delivery automation should also indicate customers and motivate them to call delivery drivers from the app and communicate with them about receiving the order in detail.

Also, you should timely update your app and website with the level of COVID-19 infection observed so far. Don’t forget the follow-up steps to lessen the virus spread effectively.

You can issue gloves and hand sanitizers for the delivery personnel to keep their health in good condition. It will help them perform their duties with maximum clarity, safety, and dedication.


2. Washing hands immediately


Primarily the delivery personnel should frequently wash their hands after picking the order to deliver it to the destination safely.

Concerning this, health officials have imposed strict rules for stores and restaurants to prevent the spread of several other health infections like hepatitis, influenza, etc.

However, there’s no specific evidence of COVID-19 transmission through food. It could only happen if people keep the containers and utensils of food unhygienic.

Essentially, all those who cook the food and pack a product need to wash their hands and containers even before using it.


3.Reward your delivery personnel


Your associated delivery persons get their commission based on the number of deliveries they accomplish on a daily, weekly, or hourly basis, which they leverage as per their job proficiency.

Seldom they get any chance to work from home and get their adequate income.

So, it’s better to offer some rewards to these delivery people and automate your delivery services with respect to user personalization effectually.

The drivers are most vulnerable to this infection, so rewarding them with tips will be a great idea.


Some Benefits of Delivery Service Automation


Time and cost savings including the labor and shipping costs

Safe delivery of products with less human contact

Ensured safety of drivers

Improved order accuracy


Automation is the future


In order to gain a competitive edge, automation must permeate the entire delivery management system. Once the delivery businesses have reached an automation maturity level where they start to see the return on their business strategies, they can explore even more advanced automation techniques.

Several delivery businesses have started using automation as a response to the escalated challenges of COVID-19. With no-contact strategy, many local and global companies are letting drivers extend their service and participate in the fight against this testing situation.

It will also result in an increased user base with loyal customers and reap the benefits. Besides, delivery service automation during a crisis will help you raise the bar of your business and continue to provide the services much more efficiently.

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