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How To Create A Powerful Car Rental Business Website?

In today’s digital era, every car rental business needs to have an online presence by creating a powerful website. The website should have key defining features that make the entire rental process easy and convenient for the users. Here are the top 10 tips that will help you to create a powerful and effective website for your car rental business.

1.Easy Online Booking Plugins:

A quick, user-friendly booking interface is the most basic and the most important requirement for a car rental business website.

The customers should themselves be able to make bookings on the company’s website in real-time and for later dates in advance.

The registration form for creating an account before making a booking should be short and crisp, enabling customers to make fast bookings.

The system should clearly show the various car types available for booking, the corresponding fare, easy date, time, and location picking options, separate pricing plans for members, special offers, etc.

A 24/7 reservation plugin allows a customer to rent a car anytime they need it, whether it is morning, daytime, evening, or even midnight.  This increases the customer experience, and in turn, helps to foster repeat bookings.

2.Mobile Responsive Web Design:

Nowadays, any website attracts more than 60% of its web traffic through mobile. Furthermore, a majority of rental car users book cars through mobile apps.

Therefore, it becomes imperative for a car rental business website to be mobile-ready. Mobile app integration is even better so that customers needn’t log in to their browsers to access the website.

Making the website mobile-responsive facilitates smooth bookings at home or on the go! Also, it makes the website information and images compatible across all screen sizes, providing the same seamless viewing experience on smartphones and tablets as it is on the laptop or desktop.

3.Safe and Secure Online Payment System:

The website should integrate with highly-secure payment gateways that allow users to complete online payment transactions quickly, safely, and without any hassle.

To prevent online frauds, maintaining the most stringent security standards is obligatory for the integrated payment gateways. For best results, opt for the most reliable and cost-effective local payment gateway provider.

Your car rental website should have convenient payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, net banking, mobile e-pay systems, and much more.

4.Localizing The Website:

Local customers play a key role in the car rental business. Many local people tend to use rental car service due to quick and easy availability.

Therefore, localizing your car rental website, as per the area of operation, helps to attract more local traffic and increase the conversion rate.

Moreover, if you are a car rental company catering to a specific area, then localization gives you an edge over your competitors in terms of thorough knowledge of local routes and a reduction in travel time.

5.Multi-lingual Website

A car rental business website should ideally be multi-lingual to cater to a variety of domestic and international customers.

By activating multiple languages and content translation feature on your website, you can draw more customers and generate more business.

6.Solid Navigation System:

Designing a smooth and easy navigation system is one of the most important aspects of designing a car rental website.

Menu navigation should be simple and intuitive, allowing users to access the information they need without having to spend a lot of time. This enhances the user experience.

Make sure that all navigation buttons and links are placed properly so that the users can find content from all parts of your website.
7.Integration with Social Media Platforms:

The website should be integrated with your social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, etc., to allow users to share their experiences and post their opinions there.

Going a step further, you can even let your customers rent cars directly from their Facebook/Google+ accounts, thereby shortening the registration process.

An integration with Google Calendar account helps users to book car pickup dates directly from the Calendar. For this, the website should regularly update the availability of cars on the Google Calendar platform to avoid overlapping of bookings.

8.Real-time Vehicle Tracking & Inventory:

The car rental website should have a vehicle tracking feature that safeguards cars from getting stolen and helps to track lost cars.

The tracking feature also lets you know the exact location of a car in real-time, if a car is in use or not, or if it is speeding.

The feature helps you to keep a track of the real-time inventory of cars so that the availabilities are updated on the bookings calendar accordingly.

9.Website Analytics Tool:

Website analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, Kiss Metrics, Crazy Egg, Optimizely, and much more, helps to analyze the website and provide a real picture of how the website is doing in terms of volume and source of website traffic, session duration, bounce rate, etc.

These analytical insights helps to identify specific areas of the website that needs to be worked upon and take actions for improvement accordingly.

10.User Reviews:

People tend to do extensive research on the reliability and trustworthiness of car rental providers, especially when they need to rent a car for an extended period.

That is why it is a good idea to display genuine user reviews on the website, which stand as testimony to the quality of service and vehicles of a company. In short, user feedback helps to drive conversion rates.


To generate more online business and provide great customer experience, car rental businesses needs to invest considerable time and effort in creating the most user-friendly website.

A flexible and dynamic website can also be integrated with third-party tools and car rental software to enable online bookings, real-time vehicle tracking, and mobile app use.

So, have the above tips helped you to understand how you can create a powerful car rental website?

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