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How To Embrace Fleet Vehicle Management With Ease

Fleet vehicle management is defined as the management of commercial vehicles so that they remain in top working condition.

Fleet managers can maintain their vehicles by going for maintenance checks, oil changes, regular servicing according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, brake system maintenance and more which in turn reduces vehicle downtime, increases driver satisfaction and manages fleet maintenance costs.

Before you read on to know more about the importance of fleet vehicle maintenance and management, know that maintenance is one of the most important criteria to be qualified as a Certified Automotive Fleet Manager by the NAFA Fleet Management Association’s programme.

You can acquaint your fleet with your policies

A fleet vehicle management company not just takes care of the vehicle’s needs, but puts forward a formal declaration of all the policies and information that the employees must follow to ensure a successful fleet vehicle management business.

You can control vehicle operating costs

Fleet maintenance managers reduce vehicle costs by reducing the cost of breakdowns that includes break repairs, vehicle recovery or other parts replacements.

They can promote fuel efficiency by going on regular maintenance and servicing, practicing fuel economy, analyzing vehicle performance data to prevent excessive fuel consumption and reduce fleet costs to a large extent.

You can control fuel consumption

You can reduce fuel consumption and costs through effective route planning, which promises to optimize fuel consumption and limit idle time costs.

With an FMS, employees can intimate drivers about the nearest refuel locations and the quickest route to reach their destination to avoid traffic and wastage of time

Your organization will adhere to government regulations

Fleet managers need to ensure that their vehicles comply with the government rules and regulations of the state so that they can prevent excessive vehicle fuel emissions and practice fuel economy to its full potential to maintain the environment.

You’ll be able to maintain vehicles better

Fleet management companies use vehicles to provide transport and to deliver goods to their clients such as service engineers and sales representatives.

The first job that a fleet manager has is to reduce vehicle downtime.

If you go for regular servicing, you can prevent breakdowns that would render the vehicle unfit for use while it is being repaired.

You can maximize vehicle’s maintenance resale value

Fleet maintenance managers aim to maintain vehicles’ resale value when their operating lives, which could be done by working with manufacturer’s servicing schedules and maintaining service records.

They also make sure that the vehicle functions in good condition so that they can get a good resale price.

If a company takes their vehicles on a lease, they must return them by the specified time period as mentioned in the contract otherwise pay extra charges to the company.

You can reduce costs by a large extent

Maintaining a pool of fleets can contribute to major money-saving as vehicles that are well-taken care of that function more efficiently that would reduce costs to a great extent.

A well-maintained fleet would help your drivers stay away from fines and penalties that would be helpful when the law enforcement personnel goes for safety checks.

You can maintain your vehicles in good working condition

Faulty vehicles account for more than 40% of fatal workplace injuries according to the statistics provided by the Bureau of Labour.

If the fleet managers do not regularly maintain their vehicles, they could be a potential cause for transportation incidents – brake failure, malfunctioning steering systems and engines and more.

You can reduce vehicles downtime

Downtime for fleet vehicles contribute to development and productivity, and you have to pay for replacement rentals or run the risk of losing your business.

Fleet management has to maintain regular vehicle service to reduce breakdowns that would not affect the usefulness of the fleet.

It makes you look professional

As they say, the first impression is the last impression.

When your potential clients see that your vehicles have been neatly categorized and parked, they will receive a good image of your business.

If you’re not maintaining your vehicles, you’re giving out a wrong impression and you won’t catch the attention.

You can properly maintain your vehicles

A fleet manager can use fleet management software which helps to maintain costs and image that comes with well-maintained vehicles.

You can track your vehicles using GPS tracking system as well that has in-built maintenance reminders that are good for preventative maintenance purposes.

You can use modern technology

You can use the best fleet management software to schedule and keep track of your maintenance checks, including alerts when it’s time for you to go for a maintenance charge.

Apart from that, you can use the software to handle important data such as part replacements, mileage, and prior appointment dates.

You can check with the drivers and mechanics involved their views on maintaining the vehicles and use their inputs to make the decisions.

You’ll be able to handle issues even before they are created

The best thing about regular maintenance is that your maintenance provider will be able to look out for and solve any issues even before they become a serious problem.

This is why it is important that you have your provider come in for a regular checkup and fix any issues beforehand.

In case you’ve noticed that is not functioning right, be sure to inform your provider at the earliest.

As a result, you’ll complain of less downtime, greater productivity, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

You’ll engage in open communication with the drivers

Since you and your drivers are working together in the fleet management company, you’ll be able to share insights about fleet vehicle maintenance.

Ensure that you update your drivers about your company’s policies and maintenance and whom to contact in case of an issue. As a result, you’ll develop a trustworthy relationship with your drivers, thereby increasing efficiency.

You can promise better customer service

With regularly maintaining your fleet and using a GPS system, customers can now predict the correct time of cargo delivery along with other information including the location.

As a result, you win some long-term customers as a result of a great delivery service.

Now that you know and understand the importance of fleet vehicle management, you know to handle your business.

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