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How To Ensure School Bus Safety With Child Check-Mate System

Small children are the epitome of innocence. With no doubts about anything, they are the most carefree souls. Before they grow up and start sensing the difference between the good and the bad, it becomes a responsibility for parents, guardians, and schools to take care of their safety.

For the two times in a day, children travel to and from their school in the school buses. So it becomes essential to ensure the safety of those school buses. One of the best ways to keep school bus safety is by using a Child Check-Mate System.

Child Check-Mate System is a unique alarm system build by a Canadian company of the same name. It works as an electronic reminder to bus drivers to help confirm that all kids have safely left the bus upon the completion of a stretch.

This system was initially designed as a collaborative effort of drivers, an expert bus mechanic, and a concerned operator, which was also known as “by drivers for drivers.

Here are the top features which make the Child Check-Mate system the best choice for school buses:

1.Integrated with GPS

You can connect this alarm system to any GPS or camera and receive actionable alerts in real-time on Child Check-Mate events.

2.Motion Sensor

With motion sensors, the system continuously scans the bus check for any internal movement of the bus. These motion sensors blow an alarm sound when a child is near the bus, and that will notify the driver who can take the necessary actions further.

3.Voice Instruction

There are the external speakers attached to the bus that provide hearable instructions to the drivers and technicians if any issue takes place. In this way, the driver and the school authorities will stay updated.

4. Customization

The Child Check-Mate System is entirely flexible and can be organized to fit for a particular regional and operational requirements as well as the driver’s routes.


The implemented external speaker in the school bus is capable of delivering voice instructions to the driver in multiple languages.

6.Other Features

Strong bypass protection
Automated driver functionality
Hidden or surface-mount design
Installs in less than 25 minutes
Child-proof protection
Proper training for drivers and installers
24-hour hotline
Audible deactivation alarms
Complete ready-to-use installation services
Enclosed primary and secondary signals
Higher-level construction

Why Was This System Used First?

The National City School District in California first install this alert system in school buses to make sure that no students were left behind on buses once the route ended.

The reason behind this upgrade was the latest regulations that required every school bus in California to be equipped with this child safety alarm system by the beginning of the year 2018-19

There’s another name also given to these regulations — “Paul Lee Bus Safety Law”. It was passed and approved in the year 2016, and was named after a 19-year-old boy Hoon Jun “Paul” Lee.

He was a non-verbal autistic student who died on a bus in Whittier, California. According to the National School District, the reason for his death was the driving failure to check the bus before leaving, and Lee was left in it on a hot day.

Key Benefits of Child Check-mate System

a.It is customizable

b.The child safety system can be designed to work within a particular state or country or operative requirements.

c.It is easy to install

d.The system is designed in such a way that it uses existing bus wiring, which reduces the need to run wires.

Other Benefits

a.It activates audio as well as visual alerts when there is any missing safety check

b.It sends notification alerts in the form of emails and SMS

c.You need to know which bus, its location and when checks were not completed properly.

d.You can be aware of the bus, its location, and the status of its safety check.

e.You can use the digital record of safety reviews to instruct drivers towards the better security checks.

f.You can capture, record, and transmit inspection, maintenance, and compliance data electronically.


When the parents opt for school buses for their little kids, they don’t want to compromise on their safety. That is why they look for the best-suited school bus service for their children.

After the school bus safety regulation, many schools have already opted for the safety alarm system for their vehicles along with the equipped school bus GPS tracking system. This step will boost the trust between parents and the school authorities.

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