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How to Find Good Drivers for School Buses?

One of the biggest challenges for school authorities is to find the best bus drivers for their buses. Being a school bus driver is a job with a huge responsibility.

Parents and school authorities have to trust the bus drivers for their children’s safe transportation to and from the school. 

A bus driver’s minimum requirement is to hold a valid driving license and fulfill the age criteria to drive a vehicle. Also, bus drivers should complete a unique training program to become authorized to drive a school bus.

Other than the eligibility criteria, drivers need to possess some other qualities. It is a critical requirement as the drivers have to deal with children of different age groups. All the people are different from those drivers’ reports – teachers, parents, transport authorities, and school authorities.

How to Select the Best School Bus Drivers?

The hiring of school bus drivers is based on their profiles the school transportation department receives and bus companies’ suggestions.

Selection of the best driver is about picking features that depict a driver’s professionalism in performing a task. To make the driver selection process more manageable, you must list some essential traits required. You can make the final decision by keeping these aspects in mind: 

Driving Ability


Driving school buses need skills which are different from driving a light motor vehicle. On-road experience of driving heavy motor vehicles amid traffic, small vehicles, road mishaps, etc., is vital. Also, the driver’s experience in carrying school kids is certainly advisable.

2.Knowledge of traffic rules

The driver must know the traffic laws and regulations, such as traffic lights, lane driving, speed limit, and signboards. There is a different set of rules applicable for school buses, such as bus color, written information, the gap between vehicles—the rules on using flashing lights and stop arms. At the same time, halts should be rigorously followed.

3.Focus on the Road

Drivers of school buses need to focus on the road, no matter what problem they face on the personal front. They should avoid distractions both inside and outside the bus and not lose focus on their job.

4.Alertness and Judgement

Mental alertness is the key to safer driving. Drivers need to be mentally aware during their shift. Their quick reflexes during unwanted situations are necessary.

For that, it’s important to have a good night’s sleep and not be under the influence of alcohol. Moreover, driver’s judgment in assessing aggressive driving, incoming traffic, pedestrian behavior, vehicle speeding, etc., to avoid accidents due to external factors.

Operational Efficacy 


Parents and school authorities solely depend on the school bus drivers for the safety of school children. The drivers need to be punctual to their timetables.

They must strictly follow the route planned for them by the school. They should promptly update parents and school if there’s any change in the timing of routes.


School bus drivers have multiple shifts to transport students to and from schools. They must start early in the morning to avoid traffic and start their route on time for better time management. They must also refrain from using any shortcuts or alternate routes if it’s affecting the time schedule.

Effective Communication

More than anybody else in the school, parents often prefer seeing and interacting with school bus drivers. They have to be quick in updating parents on modifications in routes and time schedules. They must constantly be in touch with the school transport authorities to report delays due to road construction, traffic jams, or accidents, etc.

Behavioral Facets


When students are on-board, drivers need to be patient while driving vehicles. They must understand they are kids, and being patient is absolutely vital. Even when students are bouncy, drivers must be able to control them. It will ensure no mishaps and the bus can reach its destination on time.


A positive attitude is vital to execute a satisfactory driving job. Negative attitude and personal issues shouldn’t affect the drivers, and it shouldn’t reflect on their job at any time. 


In addition to all the above points, drivers should be committed to their job. Job commitment is the key to its successful completion. Besides, respecting and understanding others is what makes drivers the best-fit. To make it even best, school authorities and drivers can use GPS tracking software to track the bus’s whereabouts. It will also help drivers control their driving behavior and ensure the safety of school kids. 

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