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How To Increase Corporate Rental Sales In Top 42 Ways

Corporate car rental sales have a huge market across the globe.

Changing work culture, big national- international clients, upcoming unique service providing startups, and so much that is changing so fast impacts the complete commerce and industry.

The Hertz Corporation is excited to serve the industry leaders, business houses and corporate for rentals.

We wish to play a small role in your journey to success and excellence.

We are in Asia, Australia, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, United States, and Latin America.

Top 42 Secrets To Increase Corporate Rental Sales:

About the Product/Service

1. What’s New: Keep introducing newness to the product and service; share it with people whether it’s new model cars, new schemes, new routes, or whatever.

2. Variety of Services: We all have different requirements, choices, and budgets so do our customers. Approach the right customer with the right product.

3. Create the Brand Image: People try out new things but they happen to stick to brands that have a good image. This image building and maintaining are difficult but we have to create and attach a slogan to it.

These slogans are the catchy lines that set a memory space in your prospect and customer’s mind.

4. Market the Brand: There is no coming back from the march, we have to head forward and keep marketing the brand. We cannot just vanish after creating an image. The real tough job is managing the brand.

5Use all Technologies: Any advertising platform that suits you and is in your budget is worth trying.

The types of online advertising such as search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing will give you different results, the maximum profit generating is the one you should invest the maximum funds.

It reduces the dependency on a particular type of advertising and increases our outreach, as the prospective customers may come from various channels.

Make use of newspaper and mobile advertising for the announcements, billboards, and posters for addressing a geographic location.

6. Modern Marketing: Traditional and latest ideas of marketing are what modern marketing combines.

Whats-app, Facebook marketing can give you the advantage of attractive visuals that are shared & can attract people more than text; it works to enroll young customers and they share most of the messages to the friends which is free advertising for you.

7. Differentiation: Competition is tough, you need to either be better from them or be different.

The services may not be unique but the customer experience can surely be different and better.

If you want them to choose, you give them a reason to do so.

8. Existing Customers: These returning customers may not return if the quality service at a competitive price is not available. No one can buy loyalty but has a huge value attached to it. Have special offers for them, you cannot afford to let lose what you have earned.

9. Every Special Deal: Make every deal exceptional. The schemes and discounts bring one-time customer but it’s the user-friendly app, car quality, comfort, driver’s attitude, driving skills, punctuality, minimized travel time, and such small things make the deals and transit of high standards.

10. Create Opportunity: Companies and organizations need quality service at a competitive price. The companies have expense limits attached to each grade of employee or travel budget for each project.

Have a sales team expert extract information without asking too many questions to the contact within the company, you are approaching for this new opportunity.

11Identify your customers: The corporate may not fill the questionnaires, participate in surveys but individuals working in corporate may be the one you can interview, offer special discounts or take an opinion poll if your target is MNCs of a country, identify the top 20’s and launch special schemes especially for the employees of this companies.

12. Advance Booking: Sales surety is a great feeling; inspire people to book rentals in advance by offering special incentives and nominal charges on cancellation. Companies should also look for chances to save on the expenses.

13. Deal of the week: Any location where you want to boost sales can offer these kinds of schemes and the customers can get to experience your service quality.

14. Festival Offers: Each & every organization should give higher significance to festival offers.

The only objective is sales promotion to win more clients.

15. Loyalty Program: It is important to turn them to royalty programs as customers by giving a free ride on 1000 mileage points or every 100th ride you book for any car, the customer should be surprised with a dream car travel at the same rates.

You never know next time the customer books for higher version packages.

A frequent rider of Swift may book XUV.

16. Market Research: Be aware of the inauguration, events, trade fairs, exhibitions, and corporate parties for which you may approach the existing customers.

17. Directories: Online and Print directories give you the information you can use in your marketing activities or connect with them online. Connections need to be active and they can be worth a gold mine if you invest/incentivize in them.

18. Share the Inventory: Your stock is your strength; flaunt the inventory with catchy images online. Customers need to know what you can offer.

19. Tie-ups with the Vendors: The companies you want to work with have many vendors and suppliers, find  & approach them for business opportunities or referrals.

20. Employee Reference Ride: Allow the employees to be a part of this game and give them discounted rates, which can be an application on new code generated for reference ride. Each employee has at least one person work at a good, stable, and well-established company.

21. Scheduling for Tentative Booking: This gives customers and companies freedom to act and modify trips as per their plan with tentative booking that will line up in the request and pop up as a reminder one hour prior to the scheduled time by your app.

22. Better Payment Options: Companies do not deal in cash; you accept cards but what if the third party or tax billing is the need. If you have any options, you need to showcase them or build ones.

23. Care for Real: The customers need basic things like the car reaches on time, it’s clean and comfortable, the driver is aware of his job, etc. think of what more can you give.

Improved service quality includes good behavior of the driver, proper dressing, welcoming the customer, mannerisms, and supportive nature, safe driving, these things will bring you additional sales than any other advertising or marketing activity.

It will not only build your image and get you free publicity; people do tend to share their experiences.

24. Embrace the Complaints: Feel lucky that you received a complaint; you can improve wherever required, resolve the issue in a way that complaining party understands and feels that the mistake was unintentional and you are a company that does not make the customer wrong.

25. Be Searchable: Being active online is common but your name and service is your strength when people search you and that will improve your search engine ranking. Professional networking sites, small business forums, and contacts on these sites are likely to get you better conversions from the inquiries.

About the Sales Team:

26. Mission Clarity: It encourages task force to take required actions on the assignments and rewards with the operational alleviation.

27. Define Purpose: The existence of each salesperson should have a purpose attached to it, hire because they can align work with the company’s mission.

28. Set Expectations: Assigning sales target is basic, set expectations from the salesperson not from the role. Communicate why do you expect & what do you anticipate.

29. Delegate Responsibility: With the teams and assigned work specifications, invite them to be limitless in terms of shouldering the responsibility and take the required actions.

30. Improve Sales Performance: Maintaining the performance of an employee is individual’s job but we as a company have a greater impact with performance and non-performance of the sales team.

31.  Facilities: It is important to offer the facilities that relax the mind to perform efficiently.

Observation of employee’s satisfaction will give a clear picture, what matters to people are instruments, technology and a work atmosphere that support in sales.

Companies may check, are they really providing the best facilities or can they improve?

32. Job Security: Sales team lives with the pressure of performance, there may not be an exception to this, but job security may remove the nervousness and fear allowing them to perform in full capacity. Too much of security may give adverse results.

33. Training: Companies happen to provide training to the weaker sections but trainers suggest different level training to empower both the type of employees. Train the sales and support staff including the field workforce.

34. Opportunities: It is necessary that they see the opportunity in every moment.

It’s not that you keep meeting new companies and keep bringing new orders without fulfilling the existing ones but the sales team need to have an eye for the opportunity.

35. Cultivate The Culture: The culture of the organization has a strong effect on your company’s vision.

Sales guys are the mirror image of the company’s culture.

If there is a culture of trust and respect, ethics and values then the salespeople are going to carry those qualities and customers will experience them in an amazing way.

36. Job Satisfaction: Make them see the best in the existing role and the satisfaction they are looking for is within their own methods of working.

The quality of work they do, the efforts they put in, the attitude they have, the approach, the techniques they use bring desired outcomes and that is what job satisfaction means.

37. Feedback: Sharing constructive feedback is one thing, but what happens after the feedback is the real action that is going to change the scenario by changing the indicator from the scope of improvement to the outcome of development.

38. Introduce Sales Incentives: Every company has schemes & sales incentives but you need to identify what can motivate your team. The managers and HR both understand about the employees plans.

In a company they found 4 out of 10 sales people are planning to buy the latest smartphone, the manager came up with the scheme of Top performer getting one and it increased their sales cover quarter’s target in one month.

39. Honor Sales Efforts: People involved in sales do honorable jobs that require expertise of attracting revenues. This revenue generation capacity creates a sense of self-importance and self-respect.

Sales team expects other teams to respect them but every department has its special work and position without which the companies cannot perform.

Companies deal with this smartly by supplying additional perks, appreciation letters, thank you mails and expressing gratitude in public.

40. Employee Welfare: HR initiatives aligned with the current need of employees can change the perspective of employees towards the company.

It is not a one time activity or event, the benefits of welfare are long lasting like employee insurance, loans for education, leave structure or any such paybacks.

41. Motivate Sales Team: Motivate them to give their best in all situations and empower them to sell the vision of the company not the product.

Eg. You have a vision “Promoting Care and Care”; every sales person should work towards achieving by making it their mission that every customer experience your vision.

42. Share the Profit and Expense Ratio: Sales team understands money just like your accountants but with a difference. You need to share with the sales team about the operational costs of the company, salaries etc. for them to focus on performing better to increase this ratio.

Companies who have a competitive advantage get chance to serve the customers, to serve them better you may consider the fleet management software  with the hi-tech technology to join your efforts of business expansion.

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