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How To Keep Risk At Bay By Arming School Bus With A DashCam?

Today well-trained drivers can sometimes lead you to a fatality.

Driver drowsiness, fatigue or ignorance of another vehicle sometimes result in major crashes.

But more than often, it is distracted driving behind the wheels that cause accidents. Putting in a volunteer to monitor each driver in every school bus of yours is not only cumbersome but also a financial burden.

1.A cost-effective and yet impactful way of keeping a track of the drivers is operating via a dashcam

A  dashboard-mounted camera, is a device designed to record everything that happens when you drive.

2.As soon as the school bus starts in the morning to make the first pickup, the camera will start recording video directly to an SD card on a continuous loop. This becomes an automatic feed for the drivers.

3.This can serve as a great tool to minimize the threats against children as well as to monitor poor driving behavior.

4.The dashcam gives you footage on the type of driving the driver practices.

You can hence keep a tab if the driver drives rashly, jumps signals or is caught in the traffic snarls.

5.It also keeps you in the loop on the best routes available for children and the high-risk areas that can be avoided.

6.In some cases, the on-board monitor alerts the driver via lights and an audible signal when there is an object, such as cars or persons, behind the bus.

7.Apart from capturing incidents of harsh driving, high-tech dashcams provides live alerts of unsafe driving behaviors that otherwise would be difficult to track such as over-speeding or driving under the influence of a substance.

8.With children inside the bus, it is important that the driver keeps the vehicle speed within the safe limits without resorting to jerks or rash turnings.

9.And when those behind the wheels know that their every action is being closely monitored, they will ensure that their eyes are never off the roads and that the speed is within the permissible limits.

10.This can give peace of mind not only to the school management but as well as to the parents.

Despite being physically absent from the scene, the family can know the minute-by-minute details of how the journey is progressing.

11.Aside from addressing the safety concerns, the captured footage can also help you pick the best staff and encourage excellent driving practices.

In short, dash cams can be a potentially good teaching tool.

12.It lists out the do’s and don’ts of driving in the form of video footage.

And in case of unfortunate times, when a mishap actually occurs, the video recordings provided by dashcam can show exact footage of moments in question.

This is especially crucial when there is a multi-vehicle accident. The recordings can easily show who caused the collision. Such footage is crucial when another vehicle has caused damage to your bus.

13.In case the school has outsourced the transportation facility, the dashcam recording can be imperative as they provide an objective, account of what actually occurred during the accident.

14.The recording can not only be handed over to the concerned law enforcement agencies but can also come in handy while filing insurance claims. They can also help you settle court litigation’s.

And if you thought handling children in a school bus is an easy task, think again. If ensuring discipline in school and home is a challenge, imagine when they are huddled together with their peers on a smooth drive to school. For school bus drivers, chaos from students can be a major distraction.

15.The dashcam allows you to keep a tab on the mischievous children and ensure that they are not a hindrance while driving. Under the camera, the drivers also tend to shy away from texting or looking into the phone – a major, major, major distraction.

They will also make sure that they don’t waste away their driving time by either talking to a co-passenger or communicating via the phone.


Dashcams in school buses integrated with school bus tracking system can be your best shot by keeping the risk at bay as well as experiencing the serenity.

With GPS technology, you can have real-time alerts while the child is in transit. This time when you decide to upgrade your fleet, why not first put safety and risk mitigation as a major factor?

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