Perhaps it’s in a truck driver’s blood to be “on the move.” After all, these professionals spend most of their time moving from one location to the next, right?

Yet, as a fleet manager, you don’t want to see that move in terms of driver turnover. Rising rates of driver turnover are concerning to the fleet industry.

Yet some companies have no trouble retaining their drivers. What can you do to keep your drivers content with your company and improve overall driver satisfaction? Consider these factors.

Drivers Want Independence and Respect

It may seem that adding more bells and whistles to the trucks or increasing the benefits packages for your drivers are the important parts of retaining them, but this is not the case.

Drivers regularly report on surveys that the two key factors of retention are providing them with respect and a measure of independence.

Drivers do not want to feel as though they are being babysat. These professionals have a high desire for freedom, which is exactly what initially pulled them to their line of work.

In addition, they want to know that they are respected for their knowledge, expertise, and contribution to the company as a whole. Unfortunately, many drivers feel that they are on the bottom of the totem pole in their businesses, even though the service they provide is of the utmost importance.

Use GPS Fleet Tracking to Improve Driver Retention

It may seem that driver tracking goes against the respect and independence that drivers crave, but if used well, GPS fleet tracking can actually increase driver satisfaction. Most drivers are conscientious and do their jobs well, yet because they do their jobs away from the office, you may not be fully aware of this fact, and you may not be giving the drivers the accolades they deserve.

GPS fleet tracking can remedy this. With the right driver tracking system, you can reward and compliment those drivers who are performing their tasks admirably, with data to back your claims.

Setting up a driver reward program for those drivers who exhibit behaviors and habits that improve the operations of your company will make them happier and more willing to stay with you.

Fleet tracking also gives you an easy way to correct mistakes before they turn into serious infractions, and if introduced to the program in a positive way, drivers will appreciate this.

The key, however, is to manage the fleet without intruding on the drivers too strongly. Again, your drivers value their independence. Be certain that you implement your fleet tracking in such a way that it is not viewed as an intrusion, but rather as an asset.

If you are interested in improving driver retention through the power of fleet tracking, fleetroot systems would be an excellent fit. We have systems designed for small and medium businesses that integrate seamlessly into the way you already run your business.

With just enough tracking to be a positive influence on your drivers and your fleet, fleetroot will help keep your drivers satisfied and gainfully employed with your company. 

Contact fleetroot today to learn more about our systems or to schedule a demonstration of our fleet management products.