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Now Ensure Your Child’s Safety With Fleetroot School Bus Tracking System

The 6-year-old boy’s death in Dubai after being left alone aboard a school bus can be any parent’s worst nightmare.

School is the place where your child spends maximum time away from home.

The bus journey to and from home can be a risky affair.

As a parent, wouldn’t it be great if you are able to see that your child is confirmed to be on the bus and safe as expected?

Fleetroot  school bus tracking system allows you to do that and more, just a phone click away.

The tracking system is a smartphone-based school bus GPS solution that brings parents, admin and the driver on a single interface, enabling smoother communication.

With features like real-time location, monitoring driving behavior and alerts in case of route deviations, the parents can be assured that the kids are safe. It also provides push notifications and app alerts that help the parents to know up-to-the-minute ETA for when the bus will get to their stop as well as when the child has entered the school premises.

Instead of giving the information just to parents, the solution also helps the school staff to keep a tab on those behind the wheels as well as help the drivers improve their efficiency.

The real-time dashboard allows the drivers to stay updated on the students’ pick up and drop locations to maintain safety during transit. The live route map also gives the drivers a better idea of traffic and allows them to plan the drive better.

With a number of buses in the fleet and sometimes multiple school branches spread out across the city, the app can be a handy tool for the administration.

The staff can communicate with drivers and parents as frequently as they want.

They have access to information related to distance traveled and routes taken by the drivers on an interactive, live map as well as the number of students in each bus.

The calendar issues are also resolved, as the app looks after allocation and optimization of the buses.

Why is it important?

With changing technology today, the parents can be with their child despite not being in their physical proximity.

School bus GPS tracking system is an easy, affordable and technologically advanced child security solution.

The location log, automated attendance, and alerts can ensure that the child is safe during the journey from home to school. The comprehensive monitoring during transit reduces risk and also keeps the parents as well as the administration in the communication loop.

Why choose Fleetroot?

With over 300+ schools in their customer base, Fleetroot not only brings the expertise but also technologically advanced solution right at the tap of your finger.

The easy to use interface makes it more accessible for all the parties involved.

It is available on both Android and IOS platforms.

Through the software solution, the schools can manage the entire fleet, optimize routes, and analyze the driving skills. The route optimization feature, allocation of resources and real-time monitoring of the driver should make bus routes more efficient and also help in saving money for schools.

What separates Fleetroot from its competitors in the two-step authentication feature.

This is the communication link between the administration and the parent, wherein both will inform the other about the child’s whereabouts.

The day trip would be completed only after the parent has confirmed that the child has returned home – making it the most advanced level of child safety.

When it comes to privacy, Fleetroot ensures that the data related to the drivers, routes taken and the child is all in the safe hands.

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