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Top 10 Advantages of Proof of Delivery in Last-Mile Delivery

Top 10 Advantages of Proof of Delivery in Last-Mile Delivery

The final component to perfecting the last mile customer experience is Proof of Delivery.

By using proof of delivery, you can ensure goods are being sent and delivered on time so you can own the last mile and make your customers happy.

Let us understand the top 10 advantages of generating proof of delivery in your last-mile delivery business.

1.Proves Safe Delivery of Important Documents

When customers want to send extremely important documents, such as original copies of birth certificates, marriage certificates, and passports for visa application, proof of delivery becomes imperative.

With proof of delivery, customers can be 100% sure that their items or documents got to the right place and received by proper authorities or the right people. The proof of delivery works to the advantage of both the sender and the receiver.

It provides clear proof that person A sent the package and person B received it. So, if the documents are misled, it becomes evident where the error occurred.

2. Prevents Delivery-Related Disputes with Customers:

Proof of delivery prevents frictions and potential disputes between customers and businesses. In the case of products sold on third-party websites, proof of delivery can help protect vendors from disputable situations. They can clearly show evidence that the item did reach the buyer’s address.

Some courier companies also offer a photo of the item delivered to the recipient’s address, providing an extra layer of protection to the sender. The picture also provides proof of the condition in which the parcel was handed over to the recipient.

Proof of delivery helps to keep your delivery staff protected from false allegations or negative feedback from customers.

3.Reduces Fraud, Duplicates, and Late Payment Fees:

Proof of Delivery helps to reduce incidents of frauds and duplicated or cloned items. It also helps reduce late payment fees charged by vendors for items still not delivered.

4.Completes the Chain of Custody:

Accountability within the supply chain is critical in B2B deliveries. Even when the package has reached its destination, it still needs to be accounted for.
Proof of delivery completes the chain of custody and ensures the package is delivered to the correct recipient, especially when goods are delivered to multi-departmental businesses.

5.Increases Stock Accuracy:

Proof of delivery helps companies to stay organized, increasing the accuracy of information about successful deliveries and returns. Warehouse teams can manage stock levels better with increased stock accuracy.

6.Facilitates Stronger Cash Flow:

With proof of delivery, the finance department can generate invoices quickly and ensure a stronger cash flow for the business than without it.

7.Enhances Traceability:

Electronic proof of delivery system brings transparency to your logistics operations. It enhances the traceability of shipments across your supply chain, enabling real-time tracking of the delivery progress.

With enhanced traceability, companies can identify potential delivery issues before they become major liabilities.

8.Helps Monitor Delivery Execution:

Electronic proof of delivery helps to simplify and streamline delivery processes and monitor delivery execution by your staff. When your drivers are out in the field, you need to have clear proof that they stopped to make the delivery.

So, in effect, proof of delivery improves overall on-field and off-field operations.

9.Eliminate Unnecessary Paperwork:

Paper-based proof of delivery can get damaged or lost easily. With electronic proof of delivery, there is no need to maintain paper-based records to confirm delivery.
Electronic proofs of delivery help to cut down costs and manual effort involved in the traditional, paper-based proof of deliveries.

10.Enhances Customer Experience:

Electronic proof of delivery helps to improve customer service and enhances customer experiences. It helps improve your company’s brand image, build customer loyalty and boost customer retention.


With rising customer expectations for transparency and accountability, new-age last-mile delivery management software offers an electronic proof-of-delivery system that captures the recipient’s name, address, signature, contact number, and sometimes, a photo of the item delivered.

The proof of delivery may also record reasons for failed deliveries and customer comments. So, do you have an electronic proof-of-delivery system in place to check the status of your last-mile deliveries?

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