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Top 10 Transport Companies In The UAE Using The Fleet Management System

Transport companies are the backbone of any economy. Different businesses require different types of transportation to provide value-added services and ensure the safe and timely delivery of their products to their customers.

Here is a list of the top 10 transport companies in the UAE who are using a fleet management system & GPS tracking software to optimize their operations and draw other benefits.

1.Allied Transport Company:

Allied Transport Company (ATC), a leading transport company in Dubai, specializes in land freight transportation and haulage of all types of cargo.

ATC uses only the top brands of equipment and technology to maintain global standards for its fleet of more than 1000 trucks and 2800 trailer beds.

It uses custom-designed transportation equipment along with an advanced high-tech tracking system.

With dedicated Tracking and GPS technology, ATC can seamlessly handle its fleet of trailers and enable its customers to self-track their shipments.

2.Al-Futtaim Logistics:

Al-Futtaim Logistics, a top logistics company in Dubai, operates with a fleet of car carriers, refrigerated trucks, trailers, and side loaders for container transport.

All of their vehicles have vehicle tracking systems installed to monitor vehicle and driver efficiencies and ensure the delivery of goods with speed and safety.

The fleet management system helps design optimal loads and routes for cost-effective transportation and distribution.

3.Momentum Logistics:

Momentum Logistics uses separate transportation, planning, and routing systems along with an asset management system used for managing their assets.

The asset tracking software monitors how every vehicle in the fleet behaves and then schedule further course of action for repairs or maintenance.

The system driven by GPS helps coordinate the routing, locating where the vehicle is, and so on.

4.Rapid Access:

Rapid Access, a global provider of powered access platform equipment, uses its own fleet management system for tracking all of its assets.

The asset management system provides deep insights into the utilization of assets by machine types for each country and each depot within those countries.

The system allows Rapid Access to make informed decisions about all the places where its fleet may be needed in the entire region.

5.Almajdouie Logistics:

Almajdouie Logistics Company has equipped its fleet with advanced telematics solutions to boost efficiency, safety, and connectivity of vehicles for its extensive fleet of 1200 trucks and 1400 trailers.

The solution enables the company to increasingly build its business through real-time fleet management capabilities and data-driven insights.

The technological solution is helping increase the efficiency of both its fleet and back-office operations, cut operating costs, meet legal requirements, and boost driver and cargo safety.


ShipChain, a blockchain-based logistics solutions provider, has implemented a modern fleet management solution that provides greater insight into their product inventories and enhances visibility across the global supply chain.

The fleet management system deployed at ShipChain comes with a fully compliant ELD and a comprehensive suite of features, such as GPS tracking, IFTA reporting, idle time tracking, vehicle diagnostics, and much more.

By integrating telematics data into its fleet management system through the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solution, the entire fleet and drivers of the company can deliver goods on time and at full capacity.

These have significantly improved operational efficiency and business capabilities of the company.

7.Galadari Motors, UAE:

The fleet management system implemented at Galadari Motors has helped streamline their operations and manage their assets efficiently.

The real-time monitoring of the location of the assets, along with driver identification, has helped them improve productivity and increase accountability.

Also, there has been a significant reduction in unnecessary expenses and misuse of vehicles.

The service reminder feature has helped in eliminating missed service schedules while the work time summary has helped support attendance and reduce false overtime claims.


Bee’ah, a Sharjah-based Waste Bin Management company, has implemented a state-of-the-art fleet management solution that has enhanced its operations and cost management with real-time monitoring, vehicle history tracking, on-demand reports, etc.

Asset monitoring features, including service management, fuel level monitoring, and generation of reports for asset performance, have helped Bee’ah reduce their operational expenditure and improve the productivity of the assets.

Route optimization and scheduler helps plan the daily activities in an optimized way and provide identification of actual work times.

The Fleet Management system benefits the company by having real-time alarm and information of both driver and vehicle activities to identify any vehicle misuse in real time. It helped optimize the routes.

9.Airlink International UAE:

Airlink International UAE is a one-stop solution for any travel and logistics management requirement in the UAE and other countries.

The travel management division of Airlink is equipped with the latest technology and advanced vehicle tracking capabilities to effectively manage logistics and freight services covering warehousing and distribution, air/sea/land freight, military transport and logistics, events logistics, and packing and movers.

With an efficient fleet management system in place, Airlink is fully-equipped to manage its fleet operations with modern equipment and effectively handle complete in-house vehicle maintenance services.

10.Freight Systems Limited (FSL):

FSL, an International Freight Forwarding Company, offers a multitude of logistical services to customers in over 30 countries around the world.

The integrated IT solutions and fleet management system help the company to manage its day-to-day operations, including port-to-port freight movements and management of their complex supply chains.

With advanced e-tracking services, customers can stay updated on all their shipments, be it Air Freight, Ocean Freight, or Custom Clearance query.


A Fleet Management System provides transport companies with a single integrated platform for effectively managing and monitoring their entire transportation lifecycle.

The system helps them to reduce transportation costs and increase delivery reliability by consistently monitoring driver performance and behavior and tracking the performance of all vehicles within the fleet.

So, are you ready to deploy a fleet management system to efficiently manage your entire fleet of vehicles, ensure timely deliveries, and reduce operational costs?

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