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Top 10 Ways To Minimize Problems In The Delivery Business


Issues while managing a delivery business are inevitable. While running a delivery business, you may have to deal with complaints regularly.

However, there’s no secret ingredient to eliminate them, but you can do a lot to reduce these issues and boost customer satisfaction. It all depends on proper delivery management.


Here are the top 10 ways to minimize problems in the delivery business


1. Reevaluate your delivery strategy


Think about these questions:

Are your delivery options meeting your customers’ expectations?

Are you able to keep up with the delivery time and cost as per your business’ competitive set?

If your answer to any of the above questions is “No,” decide the changes your need to improve the delivery experience and begin an implementation plan to meet your customers’ needs.


2. Provide concise shipping options


A positive delivery experience starts before you ship a package. Whether you present it as static content on a Shipping page or dynamically display on PDPs, you should offer concise shipping options that are clean and easy to understand.

You will never want your customers to become frustrated and confused before even landing on the checkout page. Ensure that the options are easily presented in a graphical manner that’s easy to grasp.


3. Be Clear with the estimated date of delivery


It’s no longer enough to provide a standard 5-7 day delivery window and show an estimated 7 business days during checkout for the customers.

Present the estimated time of delivery in line with delivery options during checkout to make your customers understand when to expect order delivery.


4. Offer a superior experience post-delivery


When you are done with delivering the shipment to your customers, it’s essential to provide them with a superior experience post-shipment delivery.

Communicating with customers requires a solution to keep them informed about tracking or status updates and expedite customer interaction.


5. Enhance delivery predictability with consignment data


While a standard delivery management functionality may be enough to estimate delivery date, there’s a chance to use parcel deliver data to make better routing decisions and offer a consistent delivery experience.

Leverage this data to calculate the percentage of consignments delivered in a day. Measure the delivery performance within a delivery management system and include this logic in the routing decision process.


6. Execute a delivery management solution


You could lose your customer base if you didn’t identify delivery issues before they impact the delivery experience.

You can locate delivery exceptions and convey the problem to the customer, varying from a manual process for carrier tracking tools, email, and CRM system, to consignment visibility solution specially created to solve delivery experience issues.

You can analyze your current processes and areas of opportunity by engaging a cross-functional team. Use a solution that can address the short-term requirements and is flexible to adapt to the customers’ changing needs.


7. Assess shipping costs and budget


Whether you handle it internally, associate with an audit and analytics provider, or combine both, you should assess the costs in detail. It can support shipping strategy initiatives according to fixed metrics.

If your expenses are high, you need to negotiate your agreements again, also engage prospective transporters.


8. Stay Transparent


When you receive any customer complaints about consignments not arriving on time or taking too long, it can become exhausting when it starts piling up.

Always stay transparent with your customers regarding shipping time and arrival. Your customers should be able to track their packages in real-time.

Also, keep them informed via SMS, emails, push notifications if there’s any delay in the delivery.


9. Provide a Shipment Tracking Feature


Offer a shipment tracking feature in your delivery management app that your customers are using. It should allow your customers to track their consignment online in real-time using a unique tracking ID, both on a computer and their smartphones. It saves your customers’ time of calling you and asking for the whereabouts of their packages.


10. Personify the delivery experience


If you want to provide your customers with a top-quality delivery experience, personalization is vital. A regular viewpoint is simply not sufficient in an environment where your customers can access more data.

Also, they require accurate visibility to their order and the ability to influence the package delivery. If you can offer free one-day delivery to your customers, make it happen as it can impact their purchasing decisions in the future.

You can also gain some value from some “surprises and delights” of offering a collective delivery date, only to deliver it earlier.




Offering an enthralling delivery experience may be challenging and complicated to design and implement. If you can do so, you will have an advantage over your competitors to be well-positioned in the delivery space.

So, use a feature-rich delivery management system to overcome all your problems in your delivery business.

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