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Top School Transport Services with Bus Tracking in UAE

The government is slowly easing all the restrictions across places in the country, so the primary concern for authorities is school students’ safety. There are lakhs of children who have to travel to school once it starts reopening.

School authorities are already well-prepared and equipped with the latest technology to ensure maximum safety for the students inside the campus.

For enhanced security, schools prefer transport services that are equipped with tracking features. It will help the school management follow the precise position of buses, routes taken, and fuel consumed.

Here is a list of best school transport services with bus tracking in the UAE

1.School Transport Services

School Transport Services is an accredited provider of transport services for schools appreciated by the UAE’s transportation sector’s outstanding quality measuring bodies.

It’s built on the foundation of security and safety and offers a safe commute for the students.

Embedded with efficient fleet management technologies, including GPS live journey tracking and passenger tracking via scan cards, STS ensures every student’s reliable commute.

2.Arab Falcon Bus Rental LLC

It’s one of the secure and reliable schools and staff transportation service providers. They offer a unique customer care service for parents and ensure a hassle-free transportation service. Equipped with cutting-edge GPS technologies and streamlined fleet management systems, they provide authentic transport services for school children.

3.Fancy Transport

Fancy Transport is an established transportation service provider in the UAE for more than 20 years.

It offers a reasonable and comfortable transportation service and quality school conveyance service. In addition to the daily shuttling services, they can easily carry out any transportation with fleet management technologies, GPS tracking, and automated scheduling.

4.Wadi Swat Transport

It is a passenger conveyance service provider prospering in bus rental service across the country.

Other than the other bus renting services, Swat has made its mark as a service provider for school, staff transportation.

Its comprehensive lease rental services extended all around UAE.

Equipped with all sorts of vehicles that can manage 22-65 students at a time, the company provides buses for school educational trips to daily conveyance.

Besides, they strive to cater to any customer bus requirement. Swat’s yellow school buses are furnished with reliability, safety, punctuality, and hygienic measures daily.

They do a daily check-up of their employees and bus to maintain high-quality standards for drivers, staff, and students.

5.Shanawaz Group

As a reliable bus rental company in UAE, Shanawaz Group is a giant in this industry for years. The company complies with all the safety and security constraints, and their buses serve the school diligently.

Importantly, focusing on passengers’ security, safety, and comfort, especially small children, they are watchful in keeping it on the track. One of its main security features is the student RFID tracker, which helps school authorities track which student is onboard.

Besides, Live streaming CCTV footage is to track the activities onboard, and GPS trackers are used to knowing the school bus’s live location while it’s in transit.

6.Dubai Transport Company

The service by DTC is exclusively customized to meet schools, institutes, and other students’ needs.

Their smart fleet of buses is developed according to the school transport service’s highest global quality safety standards.

Its features include:

Modern buses

GPS device tracking

Wireless internet wifi service

Student ID reader

Hydraulic suspension system

7.Velocity Transport

The fleet of buses at Velocity Transport are furnished with GPS devices, Video Electronic Attendance System, Surveillance System, and are occupied with the most thoroughly trained Drivers. It helps enhance student security and safety.

School Bus Tracking Services Providers in UAE Which School Transportation Companies Can Consider

Tata Tele Business Services (TTBS)

TTBS is one of the top school bus tracking companies. It can modify a fleet of school buses to Smart Buses to assure safe and structured management. Its RFID technology issues alert from boarding to de-boarding, bus attendance, and wrong bus boarding.

The key features include smooth deployment, end to end service, and constructive monitoring.


It is an acclaimed school bus tracking company and has won the Expert’s choice award in 2018. Users can easily install and use solutions. It’s free to download online. This platform not only guarantees the kids’ safety but also upgrades driver skills and saves cost on fuel.


Fleetroot is a feature-rich real-time school bus GPS tracking system. It helps you know the bus’s exact location, allowing parents to fix the time to drop and receive their child at the bus stop, thereby saving their precious time.

The automatic routing, planning, and scheduling of bus stops help save time, so no more long waits!

Children no longer have to wait at the bus stop standing in the hot sun or freezing temperatures or pouring rain.


School transportation companies in UAE have equipped their fleets with cutting-edge technologies to ensure school kids’ safety.

During these COVID times, safety is the priority for students, school management, and parents.

The tailored software and complete solutions do more than just bus tracking and offer a smooth experience for bus staff, school kids, parents, plus school authorities. With crime scenes increasing day by day, these advanced tracking solutions can create a positive difference.

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