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What Are The Essential Safety Features On A School Bus?

A school bus is considered as one of the safest ways to travel for the students. According to a survey, students who take the school bus have 70 times higher chances to reach school safely than those traveling on their own.

School buses are furnished with many security features, as a result of the collaboration between school administration and the government. Apart from these, school authorities strictly enforce traffic laws and train their drivers well.

Here, we are listing down some of the safety features a school bus must have.

1: High Visibility

A school bus is intended to be highly visible. It is painted bright yellow in shading and has blazing lights. It is done in such a way that both the pedestrian and other drivers spot the bus among different vehicles moving on the road.

Also, extended stop arms show up when the bus halts. It is to notify others that the bus attendant is either picking up the students or dropping them off.

Besides, the authorities should take the responsibility to paint the words such as “School Bus” or “Students Inside. Drive Slow” on the front and back of the vehicle. The color and size of the words must be visible from outside. And, writing name and emergency contact information on the body of the bus is vital.

2: Advanced GPS Features

The top-notch GPS on school transport helps the driver by demonstrating the speed limit, locations, and so on. The GPS assists drivers to remain inside the set speed limits, adhere to the spread out routes, and avoid different kinds of mishap.

3: Secured Seating Arrangement

The school bus seats are exclusively designed and are well-moored in their places. The seats have additional cushioning to avoid the injuries. They likewise have a high back and are planned not to displace from their positions in case of any jolting movements brought about by a collision or an accident.

4: Perfectly Placed Mirrors

Mirrors ought to be appropriately set on the school bus to enable the driver to see outside vehicles, objects, and understudies close to and inside the bus.

The adjusted mirrors should be compliant with road safety standards set for the purpose. The recommended mirrors to use in school transport are:

• Top-left glass mirror

• Left convex mirror

• Right convex mirror

• Left cross-view mirror

• Right cross-view mirror

• Top Right flat glass mirror

• Rear-view mirror (Interior)

5: Child Reminder System

As small kids can fall asleep all of a sudden, an automated reminder system reminds the drivers to inspect the bus. It helps them check whether there are kids who were sleeping and didn’t get down at the assigned bus-stops.

6: Compartmentalized Design

The structure of the school bus is different than a car and other light motor vehicles. It has a compartmentalized structure wherein the jerks produced due to a crash or impact spread in an altogether different manner from that in other vehicles.

These buses have firmly spaced seats and seat backs intended to absorb energy. These planned aspects help children to stay safe.

7: CCTV Cameras

CCTV set inside the buses helps to avoid mishaps and other unfortunate incidents. It additionally reconstructs events after an incident has occurred. Also, real-time monitoring of videos prevents any bad behavior of students, attendants, and drivers.

8: Fire Extinguisher

The fire in a school bus due to any reason can have horrible effects. There must be a fire extinguisher installed inside the bus to stifle the fire if it ever occurs.

School authorities can reduce the possibility of fire by regularly inspecting and maintaining the vehicle. Any vehicle with mechanical or electrical breakdown shouldn’t be used before its repair.

Just like fire suppressors, heat sensors can be installed in the bus. These sensors fire an alarm when the temperature rises above a specific level.

9: First-aid Boxes Inside the Bus

It’s essential to have a medical aid box inside the bus. It would prove to be useful when there is a mishap or any injury caused to travelers.

10: Windows and Flat Bars

The windows and horizontal bars help keep the children from putting their heads, hands, or some other items out of the window, therefore, averting any mishaps and injuries to them.

11: Multiple Emergency Exits

It’s important to install more than one emergency exits in a school bus for the increased security of the young ones if they ever need to be evacuated.

There’s a monitoring system for the exit providing both the audio and a visual sign to the driver whenever it is opened.

12: Safety Locks on the Doors

The doors ought to be safely locked while the school bus is moving. These locks should be purchased from trustworthy manufacturers and comply with safety standards.

Wrapping Up,

The most significant responsibilities for school authorities is to transport every student safely to and from the school. For that, the schools are closely working with the government to implement all the necessary safety features in their vehicles.

Along with this, many schools have started using school bus tracking system to improve their safety measures and provide parents, teachers, and bus drivers with the peace of mind.

School Bus Fleet Management Software makes it easier for pick up & drop notifications, as well as it plays a significant role on observing & keeping the quality check on the driving behavior.

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