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What Pre-Conditions Should You Meet Before Schools Reopen?

Living with COVID-19 has become the new normal. After a considerable gap of six months, people have started adjusting to the latest lifestyle. Just like clothes are a necessity, wearing masks has become equally important.

Similarly, schools are all set to reopen; in fact, some countries have already started the process.

But the concern is, children are more vulnerable to this harmful virus.

Authorities need to be cautious while they execute their plan.

There are some pre-conditions that schools need to fulfill before reopening. To start the school bus is the most essential aspect to take care of because most of the students use school transport to travel to and fro.

But the question is, how can you ensure that every student travels safely during this crucial time?

Using all the precautionary measures can help fulfill all the pre-conditions to travel to school.

Here are some of the points we must keep in mind.

1.Temperature Data Logging

Some epidemiologists think that it might be too early to send students back to school. But experts believe that keeping them home is also harmful to their learning and critical social experiences.

Schools should measure students’ temperature when they board the bus and record it daily.

If any student’s temperature is found more than normal, they should be sent back home for recovery.

Higher temperature doesn’t always mean coronavirus, but precautions are always better.

2.Sanitization and Hygiene

School authorities must ensure that all of their buses and school premises are thoroughly disinfected.

The sanitization shouldn’t be followed just once, but every day, once all the students leave the campus and deboard the bus.

Everything should be clean and free from any infection that may harm small children during their journey from the exterior body to internal seats. Besides, the sanitization process should be carried out in every class plus the restrooms.

3.Contactless Attendance

Gone are the days of registering attendance in the physical registers. The next-gen technologies have made it possible to take student attendance through CCTV facial recognition systems or IP Cameras.

Many school buses use a biometrics system to record the attendance earlier, but in COVID times, it’s a huge risk. Many times, any student or staff member may cough or sneeze while touching the biometrics scanner.

It may be harmful to other pupils as infected surfaces are more likely to spread this virus.

Attendance is the first point of contact while students board the bus. It’s essential to keep it contactless.

4.Social Distancing Alert

Students, especially small kids, may not be aware of the social distancing norms every time. So, alerts can help them keep a safe distance from each other.

Systems like Social Distancing Alert uses existing CCTV and IP cameras along with a Computer Vision to detect if students are standing at a specific distance and stick to social distancing or not.

It generates notifications and calls an external alarm to alert if anyone isn’t following the bus or campus’s social distancing rules. This alert can also be sent to the parents of those students.

5.GPS Tracking

The GPS technology in a rfid based school bus tracking system gives real-time updates about the bus and the child’s exact location.

Schools must use this technology on the buses.

Some benefits are

Working parents can save their time by skipping long waiting hours at a school bus stop.

Students can escape standing in hot summer winds or winter icy temperatures.

The software will provide automatic updates on the bus’s latest location.

Know whether the child reached the school or not.

Instant access to the travel history of the child.

Other safety benefits of tracking system during COVID times

Parents can get alerts and notification about-

Delays in bus and information about any emergency

Breakdown or Route deviations of bus

Track the real-time location of the bus. (works on GPS)

Bus attendance record of the students

Voice Alerts on Non-compliance of social distancing by students

Temperature Data Loggers & Sensors


With the reopening of schools, authorities have started embracing technology to ensure students’ complete safety while traveling via buses and being on the campus.

Honestly, no one can expect this harmful virus to vanish instantly, but we can be informed, take precautions, and do what the government is advising.

Think about it and share your outlook!

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