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Why E-commerce Companies Must Track Deliveries


With the immense rise in online purchases, the demand for an accurate and steady delivery is a paramount force behind client satisfaction. However, the bulk orders in the company makes it impossible for them to track all packages minutely.

A tracking system automates the process and plays an active role in managing the workflow, providing a delightful experience while keeping the expenses under control.

If you are skeptical about investing in a technologically advanced tracking system that can monitor the packages, we list five reasons why you must rethink.


1.Reduces operational costs


The tracking features ensure that you know it all about the business operations without using many resources. You can not only keep a tab on the driver, look at where the fleet is moving but also monitor the interaction between the consumer and the associate.

With features like shipment tracking, estimated delivery dates, and frequent updates on the order status, the system looks at all aspects of the business. Instead of employing different resources, one system can look at all the business needs, thereby reducing the expenses.

The fact that all the information is available on multiple devices like mobiles, computers, tablets implies that the management can derive the data from the location of their choice. As a result, you don’t need an on-site location to monitor the resources.


2.Enhances customer experience


For maximum customer satisfaction, prompt delivery, prompt responses to their queries is essential. By tracking the package, the software serves both these needs.

With e-commerce order tracking, all client questions can be answered easily. From when the package will be delivered, to what payment is acceptable, to when the driver will be near the location — the customers can find answers to all these questions easily.

The good news is that the company doesn’t have to personally get involved with the clients and the customer services team is less burdened. All the related information is available to the buyers automatically after the order is placed.

As soon as the order is placed, the client will receive the tracking link via SMS or email.

Tracking also makes the purchaser feel empowered and at the control of things. With already stiff competition in the e-commerce industry, you are bound to lose out a large chunk of customers if you don’t provide the information in real-time.

Basic human tendency says that a lack of information can be annoying. Tracking the delivery can soothe down the buyer’s anxieties as they know when to expect the package and are better prepared.

Thus when their expectations are met, they are more likely to give you a good review, come back to you again, and also refer the brand to their known ones. Keeping customers in the loop will prevent confusion, enhance their experience.


3.Provides greater control over the fleet


Tracking the package implies that you are also monitoring the fleet. You can be assured that the drivers are not wasting time and are instead focusing on making maximum deliveries in the minimum time possible.

As mentioned in the previous blogs, the impact of training on driving behavior cannot be overemphasized. When the associates know that all their moves are being monitored, they will be at their best behavior.

It will also look after idle time, fuel consumption, speed of the vehicle, and maintenance of the fleet.

Most of the clients are not happy about bearing shipping charges. No free delivery can be a massive bummer for them. The logistics providers are expected to cover these costs. Hence, the efficiency of delivery needs to be top-notch to offset these costs.


4.Helps in avoiding confusion, missed deliveries


Delivering products on-time is crucial in increasing customer loyalty. Informing the Estimated Time of Delivery (ETD) also ensures that the time of both the consumer and the driver is not wasted. Chances of a missed delivery are reduced.

You don’t want your associate to go all the way to the client location to find out that he/she has already left, thus creating the need for a second trip and increasing the company expenses.

Another issue that frequently crops up in the delivery business is mistaken delivery. Getting the wrong delivery at the customer’s doorstep is doomsday for the business.

This leads to unhappy clients who never trust the company again and can have a damaging effect on the brand image.

Tracking features also helps you to ensure that the goods are not damaged. This is especially in cases of food deliveries or packages that need extra care. You can ensure that perishable goods or fragile packages are delivered first.

If the goods are damaged due to accidents, that can be tracked and compensated

If a customer is unavailable, it helps delivery agents update the information in real-time and also fix the suitable time slot for the delivery.


5.Helps in planning efficient routes; incorporating change of plans


GPS tracking helps the online delivery companies to ensure maximum coverage of the locations in the most optimum routes in the fastest possible time.

Last-mile tracking helps in monitoring the change in the plan in real-time and rerouting the driver towards the new location. This will avoid any delays as well as any downtimes in the process.

This dynamic and real-time schedule management can help you make deliveries faster and in an efficient manner.




While it seems complicated, tracking deliveries need not be a difficult process. If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressing about how you will manage all this, look out for a reliable vendor that will fine-tune their software as per your needs.

The Delivery Management Software specializes in tracking the packages. We promise to you an affordable as well as reliable solution to look after your operations. Why don’t we connect to discuss your needs further?

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