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Why Is It Necessary For Businesses To Adapt To Delivery Management Software Post COVID?

Delivery management software has been globally adopted by industries involved in shipping goods and raw materials to end-users. In past years, the adoption of delivery software has-

Doubled customer satisfaction

Improved asset utilization

Brought down the overhead expenses

Not limited to this, it has commendably automated the entire delivery process, i.e., from order assignment to order fulfillment.

With the help of artificial intelligence(used in the software), businesses can monitor their freight and drivers’ real-time movement.

Hence, giving the required freedom to delivery managers in making immediate decisions to ensure a minimum loss.

Especially in the time of COVID-19 where all of this may be impossible if there is paper-based delivery management, where delays and human errors are common.

But this journey isn’t smooth for delivery managers after the pandemic. They may face some radical issues once the normal working conditions resume. Having said that, let’s list down some major problems

Problems That Delivery Manager Might Face After COVID 19

a.Prolonged Delivery Time: Delivery time may get extended if a time-saving route is not adopted or the drivers stop too often. Another reason, post-COVID 19, there can be safety checks at multiple borders. All this adds to prolonged delivery time.

b.Increasing Cost: One of the significant concerns of fleet managers is the cost. The majority of the cost rise actualizes from vehicle maintenance, shipping, and other freight costs.

If you are a delivery manager, you know how difficult it is to minimize costs, that too manually. Without a delivery management system, this task seems hectic and time-consuming.

c.Unoptimized Delivery Routes: Another time demanding process is deciding which route is perfect for delivery. Imagine how tough it would be to manage routes of 50+ drivers daily.

If done wrong, the situation can slip from the hands of delivery managers. Route optimization helps in the timely and safe delivery of assets by eliminating all the obstructions that a driver might confront in the way.

d.Deciding the Carrier: Which carrier is best for delivering bulky goods and lightweight goods – this question often revolves around a fleet manager’s head. It comes with another responsibility of lowering the cost by choosing the right vehicle.

e.Difficulty in Monitoring KPIs: When you are into the delivery management business, you need to look at key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure your strengths & weaknesses.

Some are- average delivery time, driver behavior, petrol cost, freight & other expenses incurred, number of completed deliveries, customer data, etc. Through this data, you can evaluate shipments’ performance and minimize the manual work of mining data.

Reasons to Invest in delivery management software for your business

1.Real-Time Updates & Improved Customer Satisfaction: Once you have set up a best delivery management system for your business, all your incoming & outgoing deliveries will be recorded.

You can access the shipping information at just one click. You can even inspect the delay immediately after it happened and can make a decision accordingly.

In a way, companies can assure fast delivery with immediate resolution of issue About a decade ago, technology tracked goods which existed, but only in human minds. But today, technology is actualized.

Both the businesses and the customers can now receive real-time insights into their delivery. Inversely, companies can elevate customer longevity by equipping such software.

2.Driver Activity & Dispatch Tracking: Keeping track of drivers is crucial for quick and low-cost delivery. With a delivery software, the managers and drivers can easily update about a priority delivery.

Managers can assign and schedule deliveries for each driver on the system. Drivers can accept or reject the orders based on the workload, and it gets automatically notified to the delivery manager. Moreover, delivery mangers can get decisive answers to questions such as-

Where and when did he stop?

How much distance is traveled to reach the customer?

Where did the delay happen?

On which day and time, the delivery is completed by a driver?

Not only this, but the managers can also allocate tasks from the software database of available drivers. Companies are only required to create separate accounts for each driver to start tracing them and respective delivery.

3.Better Data & Reports: Ever thought, how amazing it would be to get readymade data without scrounging papers. That’s the power of automation. Think delivery tracking software as an assistant manager that does 50% of your job. With access to data, you can identify setbacks and implement strategies to eliminate roadblocks.

Many software, have the monthly reports feature. These reports give you insights into – How many deliveries you did in the past month?, Which areas need improvement?, How can you lower the cost in future deliveries?, How are drivers performing, and what customer complaints have been registered in the previous month? etc.

You can gather data about past deliveries, delivery date changes, skipped deliveries, standing & due orders, monthly petrol expense, scheduled deliveries, and place deliveries on hold.

Now, when you have gathered immense knowledge about delivery problems & how to rectify them, it is a perfect opportunity to inquire about the available solution.

Let’s see how Fleetroot can help you.

How Can DMS Help Manage Your Deliveries?

A delivery software promises you all the benefits mentioned above in the pointers. Besides, most of those systems offer intuitive iOS and Android apps for drivers and customers.

The mobile app permits them to receive notifications about new delivery requests raised by the manager. It becomes useful when a specific delivery requires immediate fulfillment. Other than this, you can expect functionalities such as-

Real-time delivery requests

Delivery Verification

Driver Tracking

Order to delivery automation

Route optimization

Customer location management

Real-time driver tracking

Order status tracking

Analytics Reports about performance and many more.


No matter what type of goods you deliver, the best delivery management software caters to all kinds of businesses, whether dealing with consumer products, apparel, or any other assets.

Now is the right time to automate your delivery process to ensure 100% work efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction. Get started with the best delivery tracking software today!

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