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Why Should FMCG Companies Use A Unified System For Fleet & Delivery Management?

What challenges do you face in the distribution and delivery of FMCG goods? Okay, let me guess.

Is it ever-increasing consumer needs or the rising cost of shipping?

Or Is it mismanagement in the delivery of goods?

All of these circumstances must have pushed your company to make hard decisions.

The problem might seem difficult but not impossible to solve. To solve the problem, we recommend using a delivery management system that can potentially power up your distribution process and reduce the risk associated with costing.

Being a fleet manager, you must have tons of responsibilities. The most significant task is the optimization of operating costs (to be at lowest). Other include vehicle acquisition, fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, insurance, training drivers, and adherence to the government’s obligation regarding vehicles.

However, the best delivery management system can simplify your day-to-day delivery operations and eliminate the stress of ever-increasing costs.

How can companies effectively manage the delivery of FMCG goods?

There are two incredible ways through which delivery can be managed.

a. Allotting the best routes and right-sized transport to the delivery team.

Choosing the right vehicle relevant to the type and size of delivery is vital. For example’- selecting a fuel-efficient medium sized truck for FMCG goods delivery will be a great choice.

Pro Tip: Try to ignore long-distance, one-way, multi-day transport visits. As such, decisions can cost you higher, and in less time, it can make a big hole into your wallet.

b.Use a Online Delivery management system that helps in keeping records of each delivery at a click.

Pro Tip: Start with a minimum feature tracking software system that can add features in the future concerning your requirements. Owners only have to pay a small monthly amount(more of an investment) to avail services without worrying about significant expenditures.

Importance and Benefits of Delivery Management System for FMCG Industry

Focussing on the FMCG industry, we will discuss- How delivery management systems, can prove a helping hand in automating consumer goods deliveries.

c.Improve Driver And Vehicle’s Safety:

The central part of the delivery process is drivers who are directly involved in the process of FMCG good transportation. Keeping a check on their safety and speed practices is crucial.

Moreover, speed is a concern for many FMCG companies due to growing road accidents resulting from overs-speeding.

Befriending a real-time delivery management system can handle the task of monitoring driver performance and behavior.

Giving timely updates on driver’s activities.

d.Real-time Updates And Insights:

The discovery of GPS technology in mobile phones and other devices has enabled delivery management software to smarten the delivery process. Problem Solved!

It will answer all your concerns like- Where did the vehicle stop? What is the current location of the delivery team? What is the status of delivery? How much time is taken to deliver FMCG products? Is the order completed? Where did the delay happen?

It gives you real-time updates about field activities by sitting at your chair. Also, it allows you to make immediate decisions based on current situations if needed. It saves hours that you might waste in calling each driver to gain updates.

Through an on-demand delivery management system, you can also regulate the driver’s activities and make customers happier with timely delivery.

e.Custom Reports to Increase Productivity:

When you are into FMCG business, keeping accurate data is key to evaluate performance. This data gives insights into-

1.How well did you perform this month/year?

2.What were the major drawbacks?

3.What are the areas of improvement?

4.What steps we need to take to increase expected ROI?….. and much more

Delivery management app gives you easy to understand reports about your previous deliveries. It uses graphs, pie charts, tables, and other mediums to offer actionable data for decision making.

f.Auto service reminders for Vehicle Maintenance:

The assets you possess are of utmost value. To protect them from environmental degradation, organizing a maintenance schedule is necessary. By using a cost-effective delivery management system, you can set reminders for service for each vehicle.

You can eliminate the guesswork and can access accurate data of deliveries.

Keep you informed about vehicle routine check-up, which contributes to an effective delivery process.

Fleet managers will get an automatic notification(email about repairing and service of vehicles, once the date & time of service have been updated).

It saves a bunch of time and eliminates complex data entry in spreadsheets. Fleet managers can access customized reports without wasting much time in creating reports.

g.Improve customer satisfaction:

The manager who makes important fleet decisions can easily concentrate on increasing the customer satisfaction rate.

How can same day delivery management systems help in achieving customer satisfaction?

Fleet managers can quickly receive reminders of upcoming bookings and appointments information by logging into the software.

Delivery managers can get notification about delays in deliveries and customer escalations.

And can even view the status of assigned jobs to the subordinates like whether it is done or due.

It can use real-time tracking features to fix the errors that are escalating customer worries.

Get confirmation reminders of appointments to prevent unintended delays and fight the forgetful nature of the human brain.

h.Effective Route planning for cost-effective delivery:

Being into the FMCG industry, you know how complex it is to decide a route plan.

Delivery booking system assists managers in planning delivery dates and routes to transport the stock to the end customer efficiently.
In situations like short notice demand by customers, arranging vehicles and planning routes becomes a challenge.

What a fleet management system can do is- automating the task of route planning while saving huge on transportation costs. By transportation cost, we mean- fuel cost, parking fees, toll tax, cleaning cost, etc.

Are you impressed with the benefits of the delivery management system? We assume you have! So, let’s solve your problem.

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