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Please read the terms of use before using the Fleetroot.com fleet management portal. The use of any product, service, or feature available through Fleetroot.com by any user of the Website agrees to the following terms & conditions.

Fleetroot.com governs this portal Fleetroot.com for providing Unified software to optimize the last-mile logistics, connected transport, mobility, and fleet management solution subscription to its clients. The terms of use page here can be used only for informational purposes. By using the subscription or downloading any materials from this site, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined in this notice. If you do not agree to comply with these terms and conditions, we urge you not to use this portal or download materials from this website.

This portal that consists of the online applications, related blogs, and all other materials (excluding 3rd party or client materials) belongs to Fleetroot.com and is copyrighted and protected by worldwide copyright laws. You agree to comply with all copyright laws before using this application/ website content and consent to prevent unauthorized usage, including copying, modifying, reusing restructuring, or other actions. Fleetroot.com does not grant any express or implied rights under any patents, copyrights, trademarks, or confidential information that comes under corporate law.

Fleetroot.com has relationships & projects with many clients and trusted partners. Hence for a better understanding of terms & conditions, we have used words like joint ventures, partnership, etc., to indicate business tie-ups, and we would like to make it vivid that these may or may not show legal relationships.

Limited License

Obliging to T&C’s mentioned on this page, we give limited rights to you for displaying the contents/ materials of this application/page. However, you should make sure that this will not interrupt the operation of the website/application in any way, and Fleetroot.com will not be liable for any changes/modifications to your page in the application.

3rd Party Content

This website might use third-party content/links to transfer you more knowledge on products/solutions or trends of Fleetroot.com or its sister concerns. This knowledge might be in the form of blog articles, analysis reports, news reports, financial reports, graphs, images, or links to videos on a video hosting website. You acknowledge that the third-party content or links to content are not created or endorsed by Fleetroot.com. This is shared with you only for information purposes, and Fleetroot.com does not recommend you take any action based on our knowledge. It’s totally up to you if you wish to continue a specified venture with 3rd parties. You acknowledge that the 3rd party content/links provided to you are obtained from various sources that are believed to be reliable, but Fleetroot.com does not offer any guarantee on the information of the 3rd party content as to its accuracy completeness, timeliness. While clicking upon details on 3rd party products/ knowledge articles, you might be directed to an external website or portal. You acknowledge that you are visiting this site at your own risk, and it’s your responsibility to take all precaution measures to guard against illegal use of your information or attack of viruses or other destructive attributes.

No Warranties

The portal, information, and downloadable materials are provided without any representation or warranty unless it is notified in the agreement contract. However, we will try to do our best to keep this site out of harm and downtime. Fleetroot.com cannot guarantee that this site will be free from viruses, but we can make sure that the application is free from any destructive elements.

Limitation of Damages

On no occasion or circumstances, Fleetroot.com or sister concerns shall be held liable to any damages of any entity through a direct or indirect approach. This includes any lost profits, capital, business interruptions, loss of information, data leakage, etc.


This website or application may contain inaccuracies and typographical errors, Fleetroot.com, disclaims any obligation to update this website and cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the materials or content. However, we will try to update the pages as soon as possible. Fleetroot.com may make changes to this website or application at any time. Fleetroot.com might change the products, programs, features, or prices described in any part of our website without prior notice.

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