About Fleetroot

Inspiring Solutions, Transforming Lives: Our Company's Journey.

In 2018, Fleetroot began in the MENA region, where a team of mobility and tech specialists faced the complex transportation landscape. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, we saw an opportunity to simplify and revolutionize mobility. Fleetroot wasn’t just about solutions; it was about pioneering them. With 50 years of collective experience, we crafted a holistic mobility platform, seamlessly integrating every aspect of the mobility ecosystem.

Fleetroot aimed to be more than a logistics solution; it aimed to be a force driving connection, orchestration, and automation. Whether ensuring efficient package delivery or safe transportation, our mission was to be at the heart of transformative change. Our commitment extended beyond technology to the values that defined us—tenacity, creativity, and trust. As we embark on the future, we carry our core principles, dedicated partners, and one goal: simplifying the movement of people, goods, and services. Our journey has begun, fortified by strong foundations and an unwavering commitment to innovation, leading the way in mobility.

What do we stand for?

At Fleetroot, we’re on a mission to revolutionize last-mile delivery with advanced tech and tailored solutions. Our goal? Boost efficiency, elevate customer satisfaction, and drive sustainable growth for businesses. We simplify logistics, providing essential tools to exceed customer expectations.

Fleetroot envisions seamless last-mile delivery as a key to business success. We see a future powered by data-driven tech, making deliveries customer-centric, cost-effective, and eco-friendly for all companies. Our aim is to lead this transformation, empowering businesses with efficiency, customer delight, and environmental responsibility

Our Values

At Fleetroot, we believe in Seamless Fusion of Advanced Technology and Personalized Solutions


Fleetroot fosters humility, promoting a culture of listening and learning.


We embrace adaptability, tailoring our solutions to seamlessly integrate into diverse business workflows.


Our positive outlook fuels innovation and lasting partnerships, energizing our mission.


Passion drives our commitment to delivering tech-driven excellence in last-mile delivery.


Integrity guides us to make ethical, transparent decisions, building trust in every partnership.


We empower teams and clients with user-centric tools, driving success in delivery operations.


Responsibility is our commitment, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainability in delivery.

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Our outstanding customer-facing team

Our team is a diverse blend of skills and talents, committed to excellence in every endeavor, working together to exceed expectations.

Moidu Chandanam

Founder and CEO

Motilal Keshavdas

Co-Founder and CTO

Javokhir Vapaev

Global Business Head

Nabeel Abdul

Operation Head

Dattatray Kanaki

Product Head

Riju Winston

Customer Success

Mary Ann

Business Executive

Jaya Ajay

Finance Executive

Akmal Sattarov

Business Executive

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