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How GPS Tracking Helps Manage Employee Attendance At Project Sites

How GPS Tracking Helps Manage Employee Attendance at Project Sites

The advent of the first Industrial Revolution in 1765 marked the departure from hand-production and manufacture of goods and products to machine-production, automation, and technology to do so. The post-World War II era increased this manifold, with advances such as Ford’s “assembly production line”.

This also meant that the workplace went through massive changes – we now had multiple shifts, large batches of employees, numerous employee groups, several sets of rules and regulations.

Modern times drove this further with the advent of the internet, mobile-tech, Cloud-tech and real-time global markets and workplaces. Additionally, our sanitized work processes (employee rights, work-life balance, legal compliance) made modern workplaces a complex jungle!

Today’s organizations need best-in-class technologies to manage their workplaces. Managing employee attendance and the associated processes is a herculean task – it begins with accurate and efficient recording of employee attendance.

Fortunately, the advent of GPS enabled Employee Attendance and Tracking Systems have been a boon for organizations.

Now, GPS monitoring of employees has become a widespread practice in the workplace and is especially popular with construction and other industries that involve multiple project sites.


  • Using a GPS Employee Tracking System, businesses can monitor key employee movements like check-in, check-out, hours worked, location of work, etc.
  • This modern tech is automated, economical, and easily implemented
  • It frees up work-hours, improves efficiency and profitability
  • Use it instead of your tedious legacy systems to avail yourself its benefits

Benefits of a GPS Employee Tracking & Attendance System1. Automatic Accuracy

1. Automatic Accuracy

  • Accurate time recording
  • Minimize inevitable costly errors with manual data entry
  • Gain accurate performance and billing data.

2. Accountability

  • When your employees know that their movements are monitored by Managers, they will be careful about wasting time, prolonged breaks, or other disallowed behavior. 
  • Such systems reduce cost by eliminating timekeeping errors, buddy punches, absenteeism, delays, time abuse, and overpayments. Research shows large firms save up to $1500 per employee when such errors are corrected.

3. Increased Efficiency

  • GPS tracking enables Management to locate employees at all times and contact them whenever needed. This improves communication, organizing schedules, and workforce management and helps maintain legal compliance.
  • Ultimately, all this adds to your profitability.

4. Errant Behavior

  • Tracking errant behavior of employees (eg late arrivals, idling, bad behavior) is important.  Problem behavior often goes unnoticed for prolonged periods and negatively impacts work-culture, efficiency and profitability. The first step to correction is to identify such errant workers.

Without a tracking system, how would you even know such a problem existed?

5. Productivity

  • Manual employee attendance systems are tedious – timesheets, scheduling, leave, OT, payslips
  • Free up valuable administrative time with GPS tracking software that records data automatically to feed into automated systems (eg HRMS) that does the job for you. Optimizing your resources drives productivity and profit.

6. MIS

Need a quick review of employee policies? eg employee attendance, vacation, working hours, performance, compensation. 

  • Create customized reports in an instant with automatically recorded data thus improving your information and insight.
  • Resource planning is easily facilitated and a GPS employee system – easily manages schedules, distributes work, maintains metrics, forecasts work hours, resources, and budgets.


GPS tracking enables employees to use their smartphones to check-in and out.

This prevents malpractice since Managers can figure where they were when they did this.

Workplaces have several locations and different shifts (eg project sites, factories, offices) and

attendance needs be tracked at various geographic locations

A GPS Attendance Tracking System will benefit you immensely!

7. Flexibility & Range

  • Perhaps, the #1 benefit of a GPS tracking software for employee attendance in today’s global environment, is to efficiently manage employees across project sites, offices, at home, or in remote locations. 
  • Such a system allows companies to easily track employee working hours using a variety of tracking options such as smartphones, the internet, sensors, swipe technology, biometrics, or laptop readers.

8. Integration, Configuration

  • Easily choose a GPS tracking system for attendance management that meets your requirements based on the type of work, schedules, etc. 
  • Integrate it easily with third-party software (eg biometrics) and record presence via GPS enabled mobile applications
  • Make individual configurations for each employee group based on work cycles, applicable rules, etc.

9. Live Tracking

  • Cloud-based GPS employee attendance systems provide real-time tracking and information
  • Managers can use various ‘Projected vs Actual’ reports to calculate work hours and track employee activities in real-time.


GPS tracking Employee Attendance Systems are safe and secure 

using cloud-based storage system.

10. Security

GPS employee tracking systems are highly secure systems and use modern tech like unique ID generation, biometric coding.

  • They prevent time malpractice, buddy-punching, reduce administrative time and costs.
  • They are particularly important where security is a primary concern eg vast project sites.

11. Implementation is Easy

It is an extremely simple, yet effective, system to implement.

The GPS Attendance Tracking mobile application can be integrated off-the-shelf or configured to your unique needs. It works on all smartphones eg iPhone, Android.


Cloud-based, simple and quick!

Cloud System

No software to maintain. Admin easily accesses reports anytime via the Internet.

GPS Route Monitoring

For daily specifics, emergencies (etc.), Admin can define event specifics, configure various time zones and shifts.

Comprehensive Reporting

Admin tracks and calculates attendance via Online reports. Easily integrated with HRMS (eg payroll).

API Features

Integrates with your current systems via API as additional features.

12. Legal Compliance

New technologies bring their problems, too (eg. legal compliance, privacy violations). Be aware of all that apply to you, including:

  • Relevant Laws

Installing the GPS software on company owned devices that your employees use is permitted. But, installing it on their personal devices without their consent is a violation of their privacy

  • Employee Privacy

Regardless of whether your employees are using company devices or personal ones, you cannot track your employees on their personal time – that is a violation of their privacy. 

  • Written Policy

You must have a clear company policy that outlines your rules and regulations on the topic. Take written consent from all your employees before they become governed by it. 

As we move toward efficient Townships and Smart City living at Home and Work,
using GPS-tracking becomes more embedded in our life.
For organizations, this includes the management of their most valuable asset ie their workforce!


GPS tracking for Employee Attendance Tracking & Management is a tool that has innumerable benefits for organizations. In today’s modern workplaces and project sites, ignore it at your own peril.

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