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How Is IoT Transforming The Traditional School Bus Tracking System?

The amount of time that the students spend on a school bus directly or indirectly affects the quality of education as well as the school’s reputation.

The increase in road crashes,crime rates creates a sense of fear in parents while they are traveling on the school bus. They are worried about the possible security threats to their children.

Keeping these issues in mind, school authorities are now using well-equipped transportation system technologies.

The evolution of IoT based systems has made school buses more efficient and secure to operate.

The Traditional Bus Tracking Systems

Traditional tracking systems for buses are equipped with GPS solutions and GSM to know the location of the bus in real-time. But these systems are not efficient enough to alert drivers from distraction, speed, or any misconduct.

However, cloud services will enhance the tracking system by enabling mobility solutions.

It will allow parents to track the school bus in real-time on their mobile phones with the help of an application.

The Enhanced School Bus Tracking system

The modern system is a combination of GSM, GPS, and RFID technologies for tracking attendance of the students on the bus, drop, and pick up times, absence, location, and to alert drivers and the parents on specific occasions or incidents .

Additionally, this system allows route optimization for the school bus, to adjust route utilization, and to lower the running cost, plus to abide by the latest regulations in the transportation industry such as doing a pre-trip vehicle inspection.

On-road safety

The on-board diagnostic (OBD) device connected with the dashboard collects vital information about the bus in addition to the tracking location.

System Architecture

The critical sensors helps detect an unprofessional driver who drives rash, overtakes other vehicles, takes sudden turns, etc.

When the system admin detects any kind of unusual activity by the drivers, they can disable the engine remotely and send a constable in his direction.

To stay safe, drivers are attentive while in transit.

Mobile phones enter lock-down mode as soon as the diagnostics device detects the motion.

Features of modern bus tracking system

Real-time tracking: Track the school bus in real-time through application or web

Route repeat: Repeat the route that bus has already taken

Geo-fencing: Get a message notification as soon as the bus leaves a specific area

Geo-tagging: All the bus stops are marked on the map to know the position respective of school stoppages

Parent alerts: A unique service for parents of the wards to receive alerts when the bus is about to reach their stop

Speed estimates: Determine average and speed of the bus in real-time

Over speeding alerts: Set the speed limit and get SMS alerts whenever the driver is over speed.

With its utility and reliability, the tracking solution proves to be an asset for school authorities and the parents.

Here are some other benefits

The school authorities who are planning to use this system must know the fact that these IoT-based automated solutions can serve the complex requirements of school bus services.

Streamlined management of school transport system

The bus tracking system can bring the best opportunities for the school officials.

The solution automates transit operations, including scheduling and routing.

They only have to check if everything is going well and need to take action when things seem unusual, which can rarely happen in an IoT-based system.

Also, it saves a lot of time and energy it takes to re-route and reschedule if there’s any fault.

Maximum productivity

Manual scheduling and routing are prone to errors and can cause huge fines from regulatory authorities. Such irregularities can be avoided with an RFID system for vehicle management.

By using that, you can measure the distance covered and mileage of the buses, which will restructure the driver’s payroll. Also, the school authorities can check if the drivers are running the school transport resourcefully, and there are no instances of rash driving taking place.

Information logs

An IoT-based vehicle tracking system records each activity of a school bus. It can track children if they are not present in their bus. In case of any mishap, the database can determine the possible cause of the crash.

School bus attendance

The autonomous system can be used to record the attendance of each student effortlessly without wasting time on manual processes. The details are automatically pushed to the school attendance database through a data connection.

Less number of calls

With the real-time notification about the arrival and departure of the school kids on parents’ smartphones, they are less likely to call school management every time. It saves the time of the parents as well as the schools.


With the advent of technology, parents’ and school management can take a sigh of relief, as everything is taken care of automatically. Every then and now we hear about the news of unfortunate incidents with the small kids.

So it’s high time that schools consider this technical advancement as a necessity. It will make the parents feel safe when their little ones travel in school buses.

With the upcoming innovations and evolution’s, there would be many more advancements in the IoT-based school bus tracking system. And this is the inception of technology to change the way children travel to and from their schools.

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