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How School Bus Tracking Enhances Kid’s Safety?

Student and school safety are the primary concerns of parents searching for a new school for their kids.

The concern isn’t limited to in-campus hours, but also stretches to the commuting part via bus. Especially after the COVID outbreak, parents and school authorities are more worried about student’s safety.

Many are even reluctant to send their kids via school buses.

To better understand this, let’s explain it through a conversation between two neighbors, Mrs. Clara and Mrs. Jennifer.

They both have school going kids and meet at a school bus stop while dropping off their kids to the bus stop.

Mrs. Clara: (sees off her child to school bus stop) Hey Jeniffer!

Mrs. Jennifer: Hi Clara! Nice to meet you after a long COVID break.

Mrs. Clara: Pleasure, same here!

Mrs. Jennifer: Can I ask you something?

Mrs. Clara: Yes, please say!

Mrs. Jennifer: Are you not afraid to send John back to school? I mean, there is nobody to look after in the school bus. There are safety and health risks.

Mrs. Clara: When I am taking precautions, then why be afraid?

Mrs. Jennifer: Wearing a mask, using sanitizers is not enough. As a parent, we need to supervise our kids’ activities constantly. You can feel me. Right?

Mrs. Clara: Mrs. Jennifer, stay calm. Let the technology do the task of supervision.

Mrs. Jennifer: Technology? What do you mean?

Mrs. Clara: It’s a school bus tracking software where you can monitor the bus route, driver behavior, student temperature logging, social distancing violation, and more by sitting in your garden.

Mrs. Jennifer: Wow, temperature logging! This feature is going to reduce my fear of sending kids to school.

Mrs. Clara: John’s school teachers suggested this bus tracking solution. It has erased all my concerns and dreads regarding my child’s health safety and security.

Mrs. Jennifer: Thanks Clara, for addressing my doubts and insecurities. See you soon.

Like Mrs. Jennifer, many parents might be afraid to send their kids back to school due to the ill effects of COVID 19. But we need to fight and come up with a solution.

We cannot make our kids sit at homes for long, it can negatively impact their education. It can disrupt their mental and physical development.

Thus, we need to equip ourselves with the latest innovation to eliminate our worries and simplify our tasks.

Hence, this software is the ultimate solution to eliminate your worry. It’s like an invisible CCTV that gives major to minor details of your kids’ complete bus journey. You can get information about-

Student Temperature sensing through Automated Temperature Logging technology.

Automated temperature sensing technology helps in the early detection of fever symptoms in a child.

Real-time insights about bus routes & boarding times of kids. Real-time tracking can really help to prevent cases such as – kidnapping and road accidents. Let’s explore how beneficial it is for the parents of school students.

Distance traveled, and time is taken to travel from the bus stop to school and vice-versa.

Student Bus Attendance Record

Alerts regarding driver behavior like over-speeding, route changing, etc.

How to Minimize Parent’s Safety Concerns?

Get Connected with School Authorities:

Parents can easily communicate their concerns to the school transport system and school teachers, with the tracking app’s help.

It gives accurate information to school as well as parents about child location.

Ease of Monitoring from Anywhere:

Whether you are in the office or home, the software can be operated from any device with good connectivity.

Many school bus trackers work on both Android and iOS platforms.

Also, it is compatible with all devices, i.e., laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Get Alerts on Bus Status:

With access to tracking apps, parents can receive instant SMS alerts about bus delays, breakdowns, route deviations, unscheduled bus stops, or an emergency that is critical to student’s safety.

Unfavorable conditions, such as harsh weather, heavy traffic congestion, or mechanical error, can result in delays.

Not to worry, the system will automatically acknowledge the delay and reason behind it. Thus, ensuring complete peace of mind.

Real-Time Updates with GPS Tracking:

The GPS technology, on which the whole tracking software works, gives real-time updates about the exact location of the bus and the child. Other benefits are as follows-

Busy parents can save their time by skipping long waiting hours at a school bus stop.

Students can escape standing in hot summer winds or winter icy temperatures. The software will provide automatic updates on the bus’s latest location.

Know whether the child has reached the school or not.

Instant access to the travel history of the child.

Record Drivers Behavior:

By overlooking the recorded data gathered by the app, parents can get an idea about drivers’ behavior on duty. You can get details like time taken by the driver on each stop, driver punctuality report, driving pattern, and overall speed.

You also get to know whether the driver is following road safety rules. Moreover, the data captured by the tracking system is machine-generated. This eliminates the incorrect information.

Furthermore, you don’t need to call the school administration to confirm your child’s arrival or departure.

Temperature logging:

Software uses radio-frequency waves to recognize the temperature of the student body automatically.

Final Takeaway

Student’s safety should be a priority. Both schools and parents should not leave it to one another. Instead, automate the task of monitoring the entire school bus journey.

When it comes to usability, the bus tracker app and software are easy to use and more accessible than social media apps.

Through one time learning and regular usage, you will get familiar with the functionalities. You don’t need technical skills to operate the software. It can be developed by keeping non-technical people in mind.

So, get started today with a robust school bus tracking system.

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