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How To Boost Driver Retention & Employee Morale?

The report by the Social Market Foundation on happiness and productivity says that the workers who are in happy space with their jobs are 20% more productive as compared to unhappy workers.

It indicates that to boost employee retention and their morale, the primary thing is to keep them happy and satisfied.

1.Keep Challenging Yet Attainable Goals

Challenges always helps an employee do better and go beyond a comfort level.

Make sure that you keep certain challenges for the performance for your drivers which although are tough can be achieved with persistence and hard work.

It keeps them engaged and motivates them to do better.

It is important that the drivers understand the reason behind these challenges and the goals your company wants to reach. Clearly defining the goals of the company through your actions and words is highly imperative.

Secondly, balancing the workload by ensuring that it is evenly spread and avoiding excessively overworking your staff will lead to their being happy and more efficient.

2.Using High-Quality Equipment

Drivers are extremely happy even to drive to long distances if the vehicles, trailers, trucks or whatever equipment you are using is in its prime condition.

High-quality equipment’s empowers them with enthusiasm to get their work done in the stipulated time.

Such equipment puts less stress on their driving; makes maneuvering on the road much easier thereby keeping their morale always high.

Break downs and repairs throw the drivers off their schedule.

Even creature comforts such as wraparound dashboards, comfortable seats, and insulated cabs keeps the driver happy and increase their chances of continuing with you in the long run.

There are several fleet management companies that are taking this even a bit further by adding satellite dish, flat-screen TV, and DVD drivers as well as electronic upgrades such as dashboard cameras, a navigation system, and electronic hour logs.

All these technology upgrades make their job more smooth encouraging them to work efficiently.

3.Be Open To Communication

An employee will never think of leaving your company if he considers himself a part of it.

Letting your drivers feel like true partners are the best thing you can do to boost their morale and increase employee retention.

Keeping a line of communication open for them by setting up proactive measures such as semi-annual reviews, meetings, weekly calls, and employee newsletters can do more wonders than you can ever imagine.

Such measures open up opportunities of discussions and interactions and provide the drivers with a platform to put forth their small issues.

Similarly, through such discussions, you can evaluate the smallest problems and can stop them from becoming big, collect feedback and also guide and suggest employees’ the top ways to reach their goals.

It also helps to close the gap of expectation.

4.Employees’ Health Is Priority

Treating a driver as a part of your company includes, by offering him all the facilities that a family member should get. Health issues are one of the common reasons for the work going off-schedule.

But if you regularly monitor the health of your fleet drivers by offering nutrition programs and health screenings such problems would be reduced  to a large extent.

Many fleet managers nowadays make the provision for on-site gyms or allow their drivers to have a workout session with resistance bands inside their vehicles or conduct in-cab cardio workouts.

Offering the best health insurance plans and organizing regular checkups demonstrate that you care for the health of your drivers which in turn boost employee loyalty and engagement.

5.Offering Competitive Payment

Nothing can work the way money does. Offering a good wage is highly critical especially for the primary earners.

For companies, hiring and training the employees frequently can be costlier as compared to paying the existing employees a good salary and retaining them.

So, it is always better to retain the current drivers by rewarding them and improving their payment as well as keeping them motivated with occasional incentives.

The rewards and incentives should be subject to performance.

For example, incentivizing the drivers who saves your fuel expenses or who is known for on-time deliveries can inspire the other drivers to follow them creating healthy competition and increasing the work efficiency level.

6.Giving Value To Suggestions From Drivers/Employees

A good rapport with the drivers helps them to feel more interested and engaged in the organization.

Incidentally, if their suggestions and inputs are given due importance, they naturally feel an affinity towards the company and work with more zeal and vigor.

Employees who feel more valued and important and whose ideas are heard feels more invested and engaged in a company. Such drivers are most likely to go beyond their work profile and deliver excellent results.

Studies suggest that giving value to drivers is one of the biggest motivations that are even more effective than bonus, incentives and appraisals.

Incidentally, the happier he is, the more he will talk and advertise about your company and help you in getting superior new drivers.

So, such happy drivers with high morale will not only continue with the company but will also work as recruiters.

7.Upgrading Fleet With Latest Technology

For every business, upgrading to the latest technology is a must.

And at the same it is true for fleet managing businesses.

Drivers do needs to take some time off while driving on a long distance trip for rest, checking with personal matters including family and for refreshment.

As a human, it is his basic necessity to communicate and converse and also intimate the office about his arrival and confirm the completion of the task.

You can make things easier for him by equipping the vehicles with dashboard mounts, audio GPS systems, device-friendly consoles, and high definition videos.

Fleet managers can think of using such updated technologies for retaining drivers who are operating high or medium duty trucks, luxury sedans, and even vans.

Using the best fleet management software not only helps a company to track the performance of the drivers but it also helps you to provide your employees with the latest information and well-equipped vehicles.

By following all the above measures, a fleet management business can create a positive atmosphere where the employees would always like to continue working.

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