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Top 12 Ways To Use Calendar For Scheduling Your Fleet Maintenance

Fleet management software keeps a fleet of vehicles running with high-level efficiency without interfering with the smooth flow of your business operations. The all-inclusive software comes with automated vehicle maintenance scheduling that effectively eliminates unscheduled vehicle downtime.

Here are the top 12 ways in which you can maintain and schedule a fleet of vehicles and resolve issues related to unscheduled Preventive Maintenance (PMs):

1.Client Customization

Tech-savvy clients are always on the lookout for solutions for maintaining their fleet that offer accurate information on a routing system. The solution must provide details about the day’s schedule and the estimated time taken by the vehicles for arrival along those routes.

By using custom route management software for managing the fleet, you are able to calculate all the details such as traffic delays, the time taken at stop lights, arrival and delivery times.

All these details can be doled out with optimum efficiency. The fleet routing software thus ensures customized service to the client by increasing fleet predictability and thus arranging a schedule of the fleet as per their  requirement.

2.Easy Accessibility With Tracking System

As a part of the software used for managing the fleet, a tracking system is installed in all the vehicles that work on GPS. This system provides you update about the whereabouts of all the vehicles and thus makes all the information easily accessible.

It also puts in front of you a bigger picture regarding how well the overall working is being managed and you can design a schedule based on this study and reports.

3.Scheduling As Per Timeline And Preferences

The calendar functionality of best fleet management software helps you to schedule PMs according to your timeline and preferences. Each company or business has its respective deadlines and the time schedule.

Some businesses provide service 24/7 and hence need the fleet service to be working day and night. Again, the requirement for the number of vehicles in the daytime will be probably more whereas during the night it will be comparatively less.

All-inclusive software that manages your fleet can schedule your vehicles according to your timeline as well as preferences. It also ensures that the exact number of vehicles is available at your service at the exact point of time.

4.Setting Up Weekly Schedule

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be a difficult task especially if you have varying working hours on weekdays and weekends. With the help of all-inclusive software for managing the vehicles, you can schedule your calendar according to the typical weekly schedule that you follow.

In this way, the schedule will include only the hours in which your services are available.

5.Adding Flexibility By Setting Up Holidays

Even though regular holidays like Sundays and festival breaks are common, each company or business house has its own list of holidays. It can be a birthday or anniversary celebration of the business owner or the founder person.

It can be even a special occasion when the company will feel like giving its employees a day off.

The software offers you the flexibility to set up holidays according to your company’s list without having to take extra efforts for managing the work-off days.

6.Automatic Scheduling Of Calendar

There is a vast difference in what you think logically and what happens practically. So, when you set up a calendar manually for managing a fleet of vehicles, it can get messy as things may not roll out every day as you have planned.

Vehicle breakdowns, delays due to traffic and so many such things can disrupt your manual scheduling. Automatic scheduling takes care of such hassles by building a reliable calendar that takes into account the actual hours that are required.

7.More Efficiency Less Paperwork

At times, technicians are required to make some adjustments, alterations or even update the maintenance schedules. It can be due to an unexpected turn of events. Generally, these technicians will have to fulfill the paperwork in the office to proceed with the change.

If the officer in charge is unavailable, the submitted papers will go unnoticed leading to disruption in schedule. However, when you make an investment in automated cloud-based software for managing fleet, all such issues will never arise.

8.Custom-Tailoring For Each Vehicle

The software helps you to come up with a customized maintenance schedule for each vehicle that is a part of your fleet. Importantly, the number of vehicles that you can schedule in this way is unlimited.

Once all the vehicles are individually as well as collectively placed in the schedule, it is possible to view the activities of each of them and also check out which vehicle is due for the next service.

9.Readjusting And Rescheduling

Changes and alterations are a part of the business. You may have to suddenly adjust more vehicles on a particular route or alter the schedule of a vehicle’s service as the situation demands.

All inclusive software managing fleet maintenance can easily make such changes and readjust and reschedule so that your operations are not affected in any way.

10.Using Fuel Odometer For Update On Mileage

The fuel receipt odometer readings that are regularly provided by the cloud-based software update the mileage and odometer calculations. The entire process is wireless and automated and provides you the most accurate and mileage readings.

These readings can be used effectively for making maintenance decisions for your fleet.

11.Eliminating Errors

The Calendar system in the software restricts changes to your working hours and availability of technicians. And in case of mistake, you are updated with it immediately and can make quick decisions for correcting it by contacting your team.

This corrective and real-time nature of the cloud-based Calendar program helps to eliminate errors,redundancy and promote efficiency.

12.Alerts And Warnings

Once you set up a maintenance schedule, the next task is to keep a track on the vehicles and their maintenance schedule. The automated system alerts and sends you notifications about the upcoming maintenance activities or even an overdue service.

The system makes use of color coding and vehicle dashboard for highlighting the due dates. Once you set the entire schedule, just forget it and the automated software will take care of managing it.

Fleetroot includes an automated scheduling functionality that helps you set up all the scheduling as mentioned above. Once you get used to implementing this automated fleet management software system in your operations, you will witness a noticeable improvement in the overall working.

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