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Vehicle Fleet Management Software To (Boost Fleet Efficiency by 100%)

When you are a Fleet owner or a manager, you will always face a clutch of difficult challenges every day. You will always have to keep an eye on unauthorized vehicle use, unsafe driving, high fuel cost, reports and many other things.

Keeping track of all this information is a real challenge and if you don’t stay on track, things may get very costly and even worst!

Don’t let this happen to your fleet, use a proven and trusted system to help you manage your responsibilities better

Use Fleetroot

A Next Generation Fleet Management and IOT Platform

Fleetroot finds out the real challenges in your business and helps you to get the right data which needs to be fixed and makes your fleet more profitable.

Our easy to use dashboard shows the accurate locations of the vehicles, notifies you for the maintenance and fuel updates and provides analytics that helps improve your processes and saves time.

Trusted by more than 300 customers and 10000 plus fleets around the globe.

Fleetroot offers a unifying solution to improve your fleet operations and enhance your business.

Fleetroot has the flexibility of customizations based on fleet operations and integration to different ERP solutions which improve your fleet operations and enhance your business.

No matter how many vehicles and assets you handle, Fleetroot big data technology will help you improve efficiency.

Make your fleets more intelligent with Fleetroot .

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