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What Is The Future Of Telematics With Voice Assistant?

What do you think is a crucial function to address someone? The answer is sound or voice. Usually, we call a person or make a sound to divert them. Humans tend to love listening to a story instead of reading it. 

Nowadays, voice assistant devices like Google Home, Alexa are making a way into our lives. These devices have made our lives much more comfortable. Whether it’s making a call, booking a cab, or scheduling a meeting reminder, we have understood how vital are these voice assistants.

Not only the devices but voice assistants are inbuilt in smartphones too. That means voice assistance has become a part of our day to day lives, whether at home or outside. 

Recently, vehicles have become advanced, and with the progression, the significance of driving assistants is also in demand. Voice assistance is an evolving technology for driving. 

You might also be aware of the telematics technology used in vehicular technologies and how it helps monitor vehicle assets, engine diagnostics, vehicle, and driver behavior. What if voice assistance is added with it? Wouldn’t it be the icing on the cake? Just think about it!

In this blog, we will understand the importance of voice assistants in telematics vehicular technologies and what changes we can expect in the future.

Voice Assistance in Vehicles

As the name depicts, a voice assistant has three significant parts; natural language processing, voice recognition, and speech synthesis with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide support to users.

Usually, the assistant works by reacting to voice commands and delivering the required information. It can answer your queries, make phone calls, or play music, and a lot more.

You can even start your vehicle or operate AC, radio, or any other devices with a voice command. Till now, several cars have used essential voice assistance having the features of reverse and route guidance.

For the future, it will be among the must-have facets while you buy a vehicle.

The voice assistant’s key benefit in telematics is that you don’t need to move your hands to provide commands while driving. It lets drivers concentrate on the road for everyone’s safety.

That means there are lower chances of any mishap to happen. In systems like the Advanced driver assistant system, voice alerts will warn the driver when any collision occurs.

Here Are Some Significant Features of Voice Assistants for Drivers:

1.Route Navigation

Finding the correct route becomes easier when some are there to inform you about the directions. Google Maps have become our ultimate guide to reach our destinations every day.

With voice assistants, drivers not only get correct directions as per their commands, but they can also share their location.

2.Make Phone Calls

The use of Bluetooth speakers and earphones while driving is a trend for many years. But with the voice assistant in it, drivers can also make phone calls without scrolling through their contact list.

Many companies have already started testing their advanced call system in the fleet. Making hands-free phone calls is more popular and useful in vehicles than in smartphones.

3.Send Texts

Sending quick messages like “I am driving right now” or “Will reach by 20 minutes” is possible with voice assistants.

Suppose the driver is getting late to reach the destination and can’t pick up the phone call while driving; the voice assistant can help. This system is available for a quick text message and can allow drivers not to get distracted while driving and saving their time.

 List of Features That We May See in The Coming Time

4.Known Voices

Presently, when everyone is trying to embrace advanced technology and excited for more, there is a need for voice assistants, which users are requesting.

In many familiar voices, voice assistants are what they would want to see to get a more personalized look and feel. For example, – a person would like to listen to a voice assistant’s responses in their friend’s voice instead of a computerized one. Or suppose our mother’s voice is guiding us through the directions. Feels good.

5.Storing Data

Things we search for or our call records aren’t possible to retrieve with most voice assistants. In the future, all the data may be possible to obtain if this feature is available with security and privacy from any data leak.

6.Search Behavior

Search behavior is an essential aspect of voice assistant, just like driving behavior. Users can control the misuse of these systems if they know the search behavior.

What is the Future?

With the unfolding of connected services and the rising demand among fleet owners, telematics has become a critical differentiator for automotive businesses. And if the telematics is integrated with voice assistance, it would be something worth waiting for. 

There’s no denying that we are eagerly waiting for something exciting and better than the current feasibility or situation. Businesses are investing in developing assistant systems noticing their increasing popularity.

In a few years, we will have much-advanced options for voice assistants with incredible features.

The future is uncertain, so we need to wait, watch,, and keep using voice assistants to carry out our everyday tasks. Your voice can do magic, and voice assistants can be your mate that can help you entertain, secure, and execute your tasks with a voice command.

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