Fleetroot’s Impact on Optimising On-Demand Delivery Operations for Medicina Group of Pharmacies

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Medicina is a leading pharmacy chain with a strong market presence and commitment to improving public health through prompt and efficient medicine delivery. As the world becomes more interconnected and e-commerce-centric, Medicina recognized the potential of on-demand delivery services, thereby making vital medications accessible to the masses with a swift turnaround time.

The goal was clear: Revolutionise the medicine delivery ecosystem by ensuring that every order placed is delivered within 45 minutes SLA. However, the path was fraught with challenges.

By observing the advancements achieved by other companies with partnerships like Fleetroot, Medicina decided to forge its path with the same solution provider. This case study delves deep into the challenges faced by Medicina and the transformative solutions introduced by Fleetroot.

The Problem

As Medicina embarked on its mission, a myriad of challenges sprouted:

  1. Omnichannel Order Aggregation and Pooling: With orders pouring in from various channels, their call centre, pharmacies, Ecommerce platforms , Medicina found it challenging to aggregate them efficiently. The diversity in order sources posed a threat to the 45-minute delivery SLA.
  2. Pharmacy Location Intelligence and Inventory Mapping: Keeping track of each pharmacy’s location intelligence and syncing real-time inventory status became an operational hurdle, leading to inefficiencies and delays.
  3. Visibility of Fleet and Resource Operations: Medicina lacked a comprehensive view of its fleet’s whereabouts and performance metrics, leading to unscheduled delays and a subsequent dip in customer satisfaction.
Delivery Operations

The Problem

As SARE3 experienced rapid growth, The solutions SARE3 used earlier were failing to meet the volumes and requirements from their customer base and were struggling to manage its expanding fleet of drivers and delivery vehicles effectively. Some of the key challenges faced by the company included:

  1. Omni channel order management: SARE3’s Vast customer profile being the Quick service restaurants, standard order processes were failing, resulting in order placement and delivery delays
  2. Lack of Real-Time Visibility: The company lacked real-time visibility into its fleet’s movements and delivery progress, making it challenging to address any delays or emergencies promptly.
  3. Driver Accountability: SARE3 faced difficulties in monitoring driver behavior and adherence to delivery schedules, leading to occasional customer complaints about missed or delayed deliveries.
  4. Limited Data Analysis: The company lacked comprehensive data analysis capabilities to identify performance trends, areas for improvement, and potential bottlenecks in its delivery process.
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The Solution: Fleetroot’s Intelligent Systems

To overcome these challenges, Medicina employed Fleetroot’s suite of intelligent solutions:

  1. Intelligent Order Pooling Engine: Fleetroot’s innovative system aggregated orders from various channels into a centralised hub. This Omni-channel Order Management engine not only streamlined the order process but also ensured timely dispatch and adherence to the 45-minute SLA.
  2. Automated Dispatch Module: Deployed across all Medicina pharmacies, this module significantly reduced manual interventions. By mapping the inventory in real-time with orders, the right medicine from the nearest pharmacy was dispatched without delay.
  3. Fleet and Resource Operations Visibility: Medicina now had a bird’s-eye view of its fleet’s movement, ensuring timely deliveries and swift action in case of any unforeseen delay. The system’s real-time tracking capabilities and performance metrics offered an unprecedented operational clarity.

The Solution

To tackle these challenges and optimize its last-mile delivery operations, SARE3 implemented Fleetroot’s Delivery Management System. Fleetroot offered an end-to-end solution that addressed the company’s pain points and introduced efficiency-boosting features.

  1. Order Aggregation: Fleetroot’s Omni-Channel Order Management engine centralized SARE3 order processing and automated order routing which streamlined the quick service restaurants’ order processes and reduced delivery delays.
  2. Real-Time Live Tracking: SARE3 gained complete visibility into its fleet’s movements. Dispatchers could track drivers’ locations, receive updates on their progress, and proactively address any potential delays or route deviations. This increased responsiveness enabled the company to provide customers with accurate delivery estimates and reduce missed deliveries.
  3. Driver Performance:  Fleetroot’s system included advanced driver performance evaluation features, which allowed SARE3 to assess and analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of its drivers. By tracking key performance metrics such as on-time deliveries, route adherence, and overall productivity, SARE3 gained valuable insights into each driver’s performance.
  4. Analytics and Performance Insights: Fleetroot’s comprehensive analytics dashboard provided SARE3 with valuable insights into its delivery performance. The system generated detailed reports on delivery times, driver efficiency, order details, and customer feedback. Armed with this data, SARE3 could identify trends, identify areas for improvement, and implement data-driven strategies to enhance its delivery operations continually.

Results and Benefits

Post integration with Fleetroot’s solutions, Medicina witnessed a monumental shift in its on-demand delivery operations

Enhanced Delivery Speed and Accuracy

Route optimization and real-time live tracking allowed SARE3 to deliver packages faster and with greater accuracy, reducing delivery lead times and meeting customer expectations consistently.


The efficient route planning and monitoring capabilities contributed to reduced fuel consumption and operational costs, allowing SARE3 to allocate resources more effectively.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

With better tracking and timely updates, SARE3 improved its communication with customers, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Fleetroot's analytics provided valuable insights, enabling SARE3 to make informed decisions, identify performance bottlenecks, and optimize its delivery strategies continually.

Unparalleled Delivery Speed

The efficiency of Fleetroot's engine ensured that Medicina consistently met its ambitious 45-minute delivery SLA, raising the bar for competitors and increasing the revenue by 6x times. 

Operational Efficiency

With intelligent order pooling and automated dispatching, manual errors were drastically reduced, leading to smooth operations and resource optimization. This led to a reduction in delivery cost by 30%. 

Boosted Customer Confidence

 The reliable and fast delivery process significantly uplifted customer satisfaction. Trust in Medicina’s services surged as they consistently delivered on their promises leading to a 75% increase in customer stickiness.

Informed Decision Making

The comprehensive analytics and insights provided by Fleetroot's systems allowed Medicina to continually refine its operations, ensuring they remained at the forefront of the pharmacy delivery ecosystem.


For Medicina, Fleetroot’s state-of-the-art delivery management systems heralded a new era of efficiency and customer satisfaction. The collaboration not only allowed them to navigate and conquer previous challenges but also positioned them as industry leaders, setting new benchmarks in on-demand pharmacy delivery services. With the power of Fleetroot’s innovative technology, Medicina stands tall, promising a healthier and well-serviced future for its customers.

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