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Top Fleet Productivity and Utilization Trends

As you focus on making your fleet more efficient and productive and ensure that your fleet vehicles are being utilized well, you need actionable data to support your ideas and claims.

Fleet management software provides that data, and companies that are implementing it are seeing a return on investment as their fleets become more productive and efficient.

According to a recent report, 41 percent of fleets surveyed indicated that they used GPS vehicle systems. That number continues to grow, as more and more fleets are finding the benefits of vehicle tracking for their companies. Here are some of the benefits your company could experience by implementing vehicle tracking into your operations.

Fuel Savings Related to Fleet Telematics

One of the first benefits fleet managers notice when they use vehicle tracking is a reduction in fuel expenses. This is due to a number of factors:

First, drivers are more likely to take the most efficient route to a destination when their locations are being tracked. Second, fleet tracking systems allow management to put a stop to side trips and excessive idling, both of which increase fuel use. Finally, vehicle technology improves maintenance significantly, and well-maintained vehicles get better fuel mileage.

Improved Environmental Impact

Going green improves your company””s image in the eyes of the public. One way to go green is to use GPS vehicle tracking to improve routing and fuel use. The estimated global impact from fuel use results in a 5-million-tons-per-year reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

Reduction in Workday Leads to Improved Payroll Costs

A surprising benefit from the implementation of tracking systems is a reduction in the standard workday. When employees are driving more efficiently, they are often able to make more stops per day. In fact, companies report a 13 percent increase in stops after putting fleet management software into practice.

Fleet utilization also increases by about 15 percent. Both of these statistics add up to a shortened workday, without a decrease in the number of jobs accomplished. The average reduction is from 10.6 to 8.5 hours or 20 percent.

This in turn decreases payroll expenses: The total cost savings across the country due to lessened payroll hours clocked is $34.9 billion. That””s a staggering amount and one that should spark an increased desire to use these systems for your business.

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